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     EyeCandy03 - Generates various designs:
                  Spirograph(tm?) simulator of the spiral-drawing toy,
                  "YarnBall", "CircleStar", "RotoBoxes", "RotoAngle"
                  and "PolyGen".  Simple, fun and addictive!


     This is version 03 which replaces EyeCandy02.
     See "NEW FEATURES" below for enhancements.


     No company, just an AMINET upload by "yours truly".


     EyeCandy03 was written by me, Chuck Kenney.  My particulars
     (address, etc.) are included in the user document in the archive.


     EyeCandy03 generates various "eye candy" graphics.  Currently these
     are:  "SpiroDraw", "YarnBall", "CircleStar", "RotoBoxes", "RotoAngle"
     and "PolyGen".  All designs have different values that can be changed
     by the user which dictate the final appearance of the designs.

     "SpiroDraw" simulates the SPIROGRAPH(tm?) drawing toy.
     "YarnBall" generates designs that look like balls of yarn.
     "CircleStar" generates designs that look like 3D checkerboard stars.
     "RotoBoxes" generates "spirally, tunnelly" designs using squares.
     "RotoAngle" is a bit like "RotoBoxes" but uses lines and angles.
     "PolyGen" generates "tunnelly" designs using concentric polygons.

     "EyeCandy" Allows the user to specify different values for many of
     the parameters which dictate the sizes and shapes of the designs -
     "Drawing Wheels, Drawing Rings", number of "YarnBall" spokes, sizes
     and angles of change, etc.  There is also a "Random" function for
     each design.  The use of a computer to generate the various SpiroDraw
     and other designs actually enhances some of the capabilities!
     "EyeCandy02" is all mouse-driven (MENUs, GADGETs, etc.).
     It is a fun _and_ addictive program!  .. but I'm biased, of course!

     EyeCandy03.lha also contains a very nice little freely distributable
     "screen-to-IFF" saver utility by Preben Nielsen (thanks, Preben) so
     that "EyeCandy" designs can be imported into and animated with
     "paint" programs.

     "EyeCandy" is shareware but does not nag the user in any way (except
     if the user selects the "About" MENU item) and all features are fully


     The major new enhancement is that EyeCandy can now accommodate
     font-sizes up to 15 (though 13 is the practical limit).

     A bug in the SpiroDraw "Set Data..." function, "In/Out" was fixed.

     User Selection of SCREEN resolution has been moved from a selection
     window into the main "Preferences" MENU.

     EyeCandy03 has also been compiled under a new version of the compiler,
     "ACE" by David Benn, which enabled further enhancement and enjoyment
     of the user-interface in terms of look, feel and functionality.


     There are no special requirements that I know of.
     EyeCandy03 has been tested on an Amiga 2000HD (OS 2.1)
     and an Amiga 1000 (OS 1.3).


     EyeCandy03.lha has been uploaded to the AMINET site, ( and is also available on
     all other AMINET sites.


     EyeCandy03.lha and EyeCandy03.readme reside in the
     "aminet/gfx/misc" directory.


     EyeCandy03.lha is 81,335 bytes long.


     The asking shareware price is the amount sent to me by my first
     shareware contributor to SpiroDraw, EyeCandy's predecessor.
     This requested shareware fee is $5.00 (US), in the hope that
     many little sharewares will add up to more than a few bigger ones!


     This program is freely distributable as long as the documentation
     accompanies the program but is a copyrighted (1994) shareware
     program by me, Chuck Kenney.  If this program is included in any
     CD-ROM collection, I ask that a copy of the CD-ROM be sent to me.


     EyeCandy03, and other programs in progress are coming out of my
     basement as a result of the availability of a truly wonderful
     "BASIC-but-much-more!" compiler, "ACE" by David Benn.  I would
     like to sincerely thank Mr. Benn for renewing my enthusiasm in
     programming and for making it possible for me to make my programs
     available to more than just my friends and immediately family!