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%% CEI Conference on BIX                                                %%

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               Wednesday October 5, 1994 CEI CBiX Transcript

On wednesday October 5, 1994 Alex Amor appeared in BIX's Amiga Exchange CBiX.
Alex Amor is the CEO of one of the bidders, CEI. CEI is a major distributor of
Commodore Amiga computers to both north and south America. They are one of the
three remaining bidders in the Commodore Liquidation Buyout Derby.

This transcript is Copyright 1994 by Delphi Internet Services. All rights are
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The major players are Alex Amor [Alex-CEI], Valorie King [Valorie], and Joanne
Dow [jdow].

Message from System Manager...

Our FORMAL session is now started.

[Valorie]* We welcome you to the BIX formal CBIX session with our special
[Valorie]* guest Alex Amor of Creative Equipment, International. Our thanks
[Valorie]* go to the following individuals for helping to set up this session:
[Valorie]*      For the suggestion:
[Valorie]*      Chrisopher Aldi, President, Phantom Development Co.
[Valorie]*      John Basile, V.P. for Operations, Phantom Development Co.
[Valorie]*      For the 'leg-work':
[Valorie]*      Jason Compton, Editor in Chief, Amiga Report
[Valorie]* Thanks also to our Exchange Editor, Joanne Dow and the moderators
[Valorie]* of the Amiga Exchange for their behind the scenes work to make
[Valorie]* this evening possible.
[Valorie]* If you are not familiar with CBIX commands please take a moment
[Valorie]* to scan them using the /help command.
[Valorie]* Also, please be aware that everything typed on channel 1 is
[Valorie]* being recorded for the transcript of this evening's session.
[Valorie]* If you wish to chat with other participants as well as listen
[Valorie]* to our guest speaker please move to another channel (>30)
[Valorie]* and then monitor channel 1.
[Valorie]* Since this is a formal session, we ask that participants
[Valorie]* please refrain from making any comments on channel 1 --
[Valorie]* that channel is reserved for the Chairperson and our guest.
[Valorie]* Failure to abide by this request will result in ejection
[Valorie]* from the formal session.
[Valorie]* If your telecom package has a chat buffer or console window
[Valorie]* you may find it helpful to activate it now. This will prevent
[Valorie]* extraneous keyboard characters from being transmitted and
[Valorie]* interrupting our guest.
[jdow] On behalf of the Amiga Exchange I would like to welcome Alex to our
       special CBiX event.
[Valorie]* This evening's session will have two parts. First, a short period
[Valorie]* during which Alex Amor will make his opening statement. During
[Valorie]* this period you may queue questions to the questions moderator.
[Valorie]* After Alex finishes his opening statement we will begin submitting
[Valorie]* questions to him from the queue. The decisions of the questions
[Valorie]* moderator will be final as to which questions are asked and the
[Valorie]* order in which they are asked.
[Valorie]* The moderators for this evening are:
[Valorie]* Chairperson    -- Valorie King, moderator, Amiga Exchange
[Valorie]* Questions Mod. -- Joanne Dow, Exchange Editor, Amiga Exchange
[Valorie]* Please submit your questions to the Questions Moderator using /msg
[Valorie]* unless she informs you to use another method (i.e. moving to a
[Valorie]* specific channel to discuss your question with her).
[Valorie]* Our guest will have DND (do not disturb) turned on so that he is
[Valorie]* not bothered with trying to handle both public and private questions.
[Valorie]* If you do not wish to receive messages you may also set /DND ON
[Valorie]* This will not block messages from the moderators.
[Valorie]* We also have two other roving moderators present. Rich and
           Nancy. Thanks for coming and helping out!
[Valorie]* Thank you for coming. We hope you find this evening enjoyable and
[Valorie]* informative. Please remember that our purpose here is to listen
[Valorie]* to Alex and to extract as much information from him as we can
[Valorie]* without using the instruments of torture <grin>. So, grab a cup
[Valorie]* of coffee or a soda and settle in for what we anticipate will
[Valorie]* be a very informative and pleasant evening.
[Valorie]* Alex, would you like to start with an introduction of yourself and
           whatever preparatory comments you have?
[alex-CEI]* Thank you Valerie..
[alex-CEI]* Good evenening.
[alex-CEI]* As you know CEI is a Commodore Distributor in the U.S.
[alex-CEI]* who is interested in purchasing the Commodore assets (Amiga)..
[alex-CEI]* and making a go...we appreciate the tons of support we have...
[alex-CEI]* received from end users, engineers, developers and dealers...
[alex-CEI]* I'm available for any questions.

[jdow] And here is the first question mostly because it is foremost in my mind.
[jdow] sodekirk: How will the buyout affect the existing user base, developers
       and developer support, etc. in the USA? Will support continue here for
       us? Will marketing and promotion continue in the USA? Will there be
       efforts made to increase the visibility of the Amiga in the USA? What can
       we realistically expect?
[alex-CEI]* Boy, what a loaded question... I hope they get easier from
            here on...
[alex-CEI]* First and foremost, the Amiga community (developers, users, etc)..
[alex-CEI]* have had a tough road as far as support fro the old C=...
[alex-CEI]* our partners in this venture have analysed the mistakes tath C=..
[alex-CEI]* made.  We are committed to an aggressive marketing campaign..
[alex-CEI]* in both the U.S. and overseas.. I believe that a product must...
[alex-CEI]* be succesfull in the U.S. if it is going to survive world-wide.
[alex-CEI]* As far as other support our staf will be made to understand who is..
[alex-CEI]* number one...the customer.  Ours is an attitude of openess and..
[alex-CEI]* cooperation.
[alex-CEI]* I hope that answers your question.

[jdow] OK - lemme hunt up the next one - which is another toughie
[jdow] bobr1: Q: When do you expect a *final* answer as to who wins the
       bidding war?
[alex-CEI]* We are happy to announce, that based on our meeting with the
[alex-CEI]* trustee, we are close to the acquisition of Commodore and it's
[alex-CEI]* assets.  An announcement can come within the next 3 weeks.
[alex-CEI]* ??

[jdow] VaxBrat: Dealer network.  Assuming there are any local dealers left to
       pick up the line what are your plans for distribution and other support?
[alex-CEI]* During this lull our staff has been working with major...
[alex-CEI]* players in the distribution and retail channels to make..
[alex-CEI]* sure the Amiga can come back in style. Closely after acquisition..
[alex-CEI]* we expect to make announcements which should be welcomed by...
[alex-CEI]* dealers, end-users and developers...  We realize that the core...
[alex-CEI]* of the business should be handled through the local dealer...
[alex-CEI]* but greater public awareness is important as well as better..
[alex-CEI]* penetration.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] This is a distillation of several: What new models do you expect to be
       delivering in the near future?
[alex-CEI]* Without making any major announcements (that would get engineers
[alex-CEI]* it is logical to expect the introduction of the A4000 tower in...
[alex-CEI]* a number of different flavors including a 68060 when time time..
[alex-CEI]* is addition the intro of a higher performance a1200...
[alex-CEI]* (read 68030) would follow .... the CD1200 and CD4000 are also..
[alex-CEI]* very close to coming off the drawing well the ..
[alex-CEI]* latest release of the operating system.  Our major concern at..
[alex-CEI]* present is filling the backlog of Amigas currently on order.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] Another generic question: Is there still enough dealer network out
       there to make distribution of the Amiga feasible?
[alex-CEI]* Yes, the good dealer is still left.  As you know only the good
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] bobr1: Q: How will existing warranties on machines already purchased
       this year be supported by the new organization.  What will the new CBM
       be called?
[alex-CEI]* The current working name for the new company is Amiga Technology
            International.  This name of course is subject to change.
[alex-CEI]* As far as warranty, we are working on a program to alleviate to log
            of warranty work.
[alex-CEI]* One of our options is to charge those old C= customers with only
            the minimum labor charges.  We realize that the warranty
[alex-CEI]* is not our responsibility but would will do everything possible to
            garner good will from Commodore's old customers.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] twalsh: Alex, in the event you acquire C=, any thoughts on getting
       Amigas into education markets? Good opportunities exist in multimedia
       applications where the Amiga still has the edge.
[alex-CEI]* As some of you are aware my company has been responsible for
            getting major Amiga based education labs in the state of Florida.
[alex-CEI]* Educators require high performance computers, and good prices
            ( sounds like Amigas to me).
[alex-CEI]* I do not expect the Amiga to become a replacement for PCs but to
            fullfill a specific market niche in multimedia,
[alex-CEI]* video editing courses, arts, and music.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] jbasile: Q: Will CEI work more closely with developers, providing
       timely info, prototype machines, and future market directions?
[alex-CEI]* In order for the new Amiga company to work it is ESSENTIAL
            to form strategic partnerships with developers.
[alex-CEI]* We realize that machines dont sell its applications that
            sells machines.
[alex-CEI]* We will have developers conference in both the US and Europe
[alex-CEI]* following acquisition of Commodore.  In addition a steering
            committee of
[alex-CEI]* developers and end users will be formed to report directly
            to the board.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] jcompton: CD4000?  Are we still talking about the Akiko/MPEG hybrid
       Zorro card?
[alex-CEI]* Yes.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] dray: Q: Do you plan to finish development of AAA...and if not will
       future Amigas retain the OS that we all know and love?
[jdow] jcompton: This is from several people who are concerned about the new
       OS: What about making it processor-portable?
[jdow] (Both sorta go together.)
[alex-CEI]* Based on the information which has been provided from the
            current Commodore engineers the AAA
[alex-CEI]* program does not look promising.  Of course since I am not
            an engineer I am
[alex-CEI]* open minded to restarting the project.  The future seems to
            lie in a hybrid of
[alex-CEI]* 3d/RISC and current Amiga technology.  In addition, we are
            faced with the
[alex-CEI]* dilema that the 68060 is the last processor in the family.
            It is important
[alex-CEI]* to deal with the migration issue and we need to do it sooner
            not later.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] Oh you mentioned the magic number.... {^_^}
[jdow] A6000: Supposedly "AmigaCorp USA" has demonstrated the A6000 at World of
[jdow] Commodore in France. It has 100MHz 68060, AAA, Obese AGNUS with 64 sound
[jdow] channels, no mouse, two trackballs on the keyboard instead, and a 300
       pin ZORRO4
[jdow] slot for PC cards, Z2 and Z3 cards and Bridgeboards.
[jdow] (I just saw this letter today.)
[alex-CEI]* News to me!!!! But sounds pretty neat!
[alex-CEI]* ?
[jdow] It did appear to be a splendid hoax. {^_-}

[jdow] jcompton: Will we ever see the CEI 4000M (for the short of memory, the
       A4000/Emplant combo package from CEI) hit the streets in big numbers?
[alex-CEI]* The 4000MC (A4000/Emplant) still makes a lot of sense.  If
            we can get the price
[alex-CEI]* of the A4000 in line this combo has a real future ahead.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] Since lots of people are interested: ecarroll: Q: If CEI's bid is
       successful, do you intend to stick with the Amiga's  current OS,
       perhaps ported to a RISC platform, or will you be looking at
       alternatives already in use elsewhere (e.g. Windows NT)?
[alex-CEI]* The Amiga OS needs to continue into the next generation!  It
            would be nice if our new machines supported multiple OSs
[alex-CEI]* We'll need to get engineering working on this.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] bobr1: Q: What about a 'professional' low end machine, like an A1200 w/
       detatched keyboard, to compete with the likes of the Mac LC?
[alex-CEI]* First of all there was a low cost Amiga machine designed by
            Commodore engineers.  But, we
[alex-CEI]* view the price reduction of the Amiga 4000 as a more
            important move.  If the A4000
[alex-CEI]* was priced attractively we could compete with the Macs.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] dberez: Alex: Can you be a bit more specific on the O/S enhancements?
               How about imbedded network support for example.
[alex-CEI]* Network support, RTG, DIG, etc, are all important and
            necessary additions.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] twalsh: Alex, any ongoing discussion w/ NewTek you could elaborate on?
[alex-CEI]* We have a good relationship with Newtek and has promised to
            support their efforts as well
[alex-CEI]* as the efforts of other Amiga developers.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] bobr1: Q: Will SCSI be included on the motherboard of future A4000's,
       since most users waste a slot adding it anyway?
[alex-CEI]* YES! YES! YES! I hate IDE.
[alex-CEI]* ?
[alex-CEI]* Price reduced (not feature limited)! (move here as post comment ED)

[jdow] (I presume he means the cost reduced A4000 model.)
[jdow] Two together:
[jdow] jcompton:  be a competitive upgrade from OS 3.1 to your recent OS 3.2?
[jdow] Keith Burns: Q: What does 3.2 offer that 3.1 does not?
[alex-CEI]* Pricing on upgrade needs to be competative to maintained the
            install user base at the latest revision.  In the past upgrade have
            been largely ignored by C=.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] Valorie: Q:  Assuming you successfully get the remains of CBM, will you
       keep your operation based in the US?
[alex-CEI]* Yes, our plans call for establishing a facility in the West
            Chester area where the majority of current and past engineers are
[alex-CEI]* ?
[jdow] twalsh: CEI currently offers an alternative to the 1942 monitor. Any
       plans on either resuming production of 1084 or a clone of it? Monitors
       with composite modes are in big demand.
[alex-CEI]* Yes, we have begun negotiations with suppliers to provide
            new monitors for Amiga Technologies.
[alex-CEI]* They include a composite monitor and a wide band multisync.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] lhinckley: A former C= engineer commented last nite that the Norristown
       facility had been sold.  What does this mean to your plans?
[alex-CEI]* The Norristow facility is the center of the chip production.
            We expect to reach agreement to have the new owners manufacture the
[alex-CEI]* necessary chips for production of current and future Amigas.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] +Nancy: Q: Is there any chance that C= stock will be worth anything, or
       do the deals (rule that out).
[jdow] I think I already know this answer; but, we need a laugh.
[alex-CEI]* I have utilize my stocks to wallpaper our bathroom;)
[alex-CEI]* ?
[jdow] Me too. <sigh>

[jdow] Keith Burns: Q: What RISC platform will be/has been chosen for the
       future Amiga
[alex-CEI]* This decision has not been made.  Once we are succesfull we
            will need input from developers, engineers and end users.
[alex-CEI]* Of course our interest are a PA Risc, PowerPC and others.
[alex-CEI]* ?
[jdow] (If you win...) Is there really going to be hardware available for
[alex-CEI]* The likelyhood is that there won't be any hardware available
            for Christmas other than a few CD32s.
[alex-CEI]* Our marketing people are looking at other options to make the
            holiday season a profitable
[alex-CEI]* one for dealers.
[alex-CEI]* ?
[jdow] dequeen: Why is the buyout taking so long?
[alex-CEI]* You must remember Commodore was a large company with many
            divisions located in many countries.  This scenerio did not
            allow for a quick resolution as we had all hoped for.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] twalsh: Alex, any thoughts of selling/building a 24-bit A4000T? From
       the factory with a 24-bit graphics card already installed.
[alex-CEI]* I believe we should wait for a little more OS support (RTG).
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] reinhards: Any chance to see an Amiga with a DSP?
[alex-CEI]* We like the DSP option but need software support to really
make it viable.  Since the Amiga is a true multimedia machine sound and video
inputs and outputs should come standard on future Amigas.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] jcompton: Q: What I was driving at with my 3.1/3.2 question was this:
       Will people be in another 2.04/2.1 situation, shelling out another
       $100-$150 in a few months?
[alex-CEI]* The major concern is releasing an operating system which is
            consistant and accesible to all user.
[alex-CEI]* It is not a financial issue.  We need to stabilize the customer
            base before real progress can be made.
[alex-CEI]* My suggestion is acquire 3.2 when we release it.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] lhinckley: Q: Will there be a flea market or a museum from the
       Westchester auction goodies? I saw the C65 and the PC palmtop...
[alex-CEI]* Yes, we are in the process of cataloging the items from the
            west chester facility and will hold an online auction in the future...
            did you
[alex-CEI]* say pizza size Amiga (we have one) how about a C65 yes we
have them too..more to come.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] twalsh: C= UK is planning an Amiga developer's party next week. Could
       CEI perhaps throw something similar  (win or lose) to keep
       developers/dealers together?
[alex-CEI]* Once we are succesful then we can move forward immediately with a
            working developers conference (we'll supply the beer and chips)!
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] VaxBrat: Third party.  What plans for enticing third parties to develop
       and port strategic software and hardware from other platforms?
[alex-CEI]* You mean more than beer and chips:)
[alex-CEI]* The key will be to support the developers (both large and
            small) by
[alex-CEI]* bundling software with the machines.  In addition the new
            company is willing to
[alex-CEI]* pay developers to port over the software.  This is something
            C= almost never did.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] dray: (any plans for) an A4000T with an '060 ??
[alex-CEI]* Yes!
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] Keith Burns: Q: We have been hearing 3 weeks since July, is 3 weeks
[alex-CEI]* The dates which you have been hearing are generally rumors.
            This is the first time that I am sufficiently confortable to say
            the end is near.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] jcompton: Q: WHEN you release 3.2?  Is it a definite, irrelevant of the
       result of the buyout?
[alex-CEI]* Result of the buyout.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] This one seems to have been missed in a double above:
[jdow] bobr1: Q: Many periphs, such as audio digitizers, waste the par port.
       Will new models include audio samplers or extra par ports with these in
[alex-CEI]* I think I already answered that.... The new machines should
            have both audio/video inputs and outputs built into the motherboard.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] dray: (any plans for) an A4000T with an '060 ??
[alex-CEI]* Yes.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] twalsh: GVP, once a cornerstone of the Amiga market, is a mere shadow
       of its former self. Have you been in contact with them, and, if so, your
       thoughts, please?
[alex-CEI]* We are having constant conversations with GVP as most
            developers they are sitting in the side line waiting for something
            to happen.
[alex-CEI]* Once this process get underway I expect that GVP will
            continue to support the Amiga and move forward with some of their
            exciting products.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] twalsh: Any thoughts on a television advertising campaign should you
       win the bid?
[alex-CEI]* Realistically, major advertising campaigns are at least 9
            months away.  We need to contentrate on rebuilding the developer
            base, the dealer channel, new products and then to Hollywood.
<then he followed up ED>
[alex-CEI]* Initial advertisement will be conducted in the niche trade
            presses (video magazines, tradional Amiga magazines, multimedia mags
            and even general computer mags (Byte)).
[alex-CEI]* This will be followed by a very aggressive show schedule
            around the world.
<end followup ED>
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] dberez: Alex: You still havn't told us what will be in 3.2?  Can youi
       be more specific as to features and availabilty?
[alex-CEI]* Let me follow up on the last question first.
<answer lost in the followup frenzy. ED>

[jdow] bobr1: Q: Will you produce a laptop or lunchbox portable, or license
       the chipset to outside vendors interested in such a product?

[alex-CEI]* 3.2 will feature minor improvements over 3.1 it will also
            stop the illegal distribution of 3.1 by unscroupulous developers.
[alex-CEI]* Remeber there are certain entities which a properly selling
            3.1 but we have seen a number of manual copied on Xerox machines
            with beta versions of 3.1.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] twalsh: Alex, have you been in contact with C= Canada, or do they
       factor into your plans? There's many Amiga users north of the border.
[alex-CEI]* Yes, we have an extremely good relationship with the Canadian
            operations.  The Canadian market holds a lot of promise for the
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] (A loaded one) bobr1: Q: No matter who wins, is there a possibility of
       CEI and C=UK joining forces and sharing resources to be truly
[alex-CEI]* As I have said before, the door remains open to C=UK. I cannot
            say if the reverse is true.
[alex-CEI]* ?
[jdow] jgoodmon: Q: will the prices of machines (1200/4000) be the same as
[alex-CEI]* One of our goals is to work on reducing the price for the A4000
            machines.  I do not believe a lot can be done on the 1200 pricing.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] twalsh: In your last on-line conf., you mentioned the assembly plant in
       the Phillipines being under the trustee's possession. Do you plan to
       re-open it?
[jdow] jdow: Speaking of which - - - I heard a rumor of counterfeit AMigas
       appearing from that plant!
[alex-CEI]* The rumours of counterfeit Amigas is that..a rumour.  As far
            as reopening the Phil. factory
[alex-CEI]* we have no plans.  The quaility of the product and the
            distance between it and major
[alex-CEI]* markets do not make economic sense.  We are working with a
            major manufacturing partner
[alex-CEI]* to build quaility Amigas in the good ol' USA and Europe.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] A financial pair:
[jdow] geocresswell: How long can CEI operate w/o any income form the Amiga
[jdow] elminster: How well financed are you? Do you have the money to support
       all these plans?
[alex-CEI]* CEI was not only an Amiga distributor but also a number of
            third party peripherals and a manufacturer of several products
[alex-CEI]* The group of investor who are backing our venture for the
            acquisition of COmmodore have commited significant
[alex-CEI]* resources to make our plans happen.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] Keith Burns: Q: Apple payed Microsoft to port Office to the MAC because
       no one wants one (machine for accounts and another for word processing.)
[alex-CEI]* Your question?
[alex-CEI]* ?
[jdow] I think he wants to know if you plan to "entice" MS or WP to port their
       products perhaps with financial enhancements.
[alex-CEI]* There are a number of products which are important for the
            Amiga.  Of course we are willing to pay to have them ported.
[alex-CEI]* I am however not ready to have Office ported for the Amiga
            yet.  I think Bill Gates has plenty of money already:)
[alex-CEI]* ?
[jdow] Grin!

[jdow] sodekirk: Is the Amiga the ONLY computer line CEI handles?
[alex-CEI]* Yes
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] dberez: Assumming you buy out CBM, any chance of the new company going
[alex-CEI]* Yes, our investors would like to see the company public
            after two years of operations.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] bobr1: Q: Can you identify this group of investors? What control will
       they have in the company?  Will the company go public?
[alex-CEI]* Unlike the former C= day to day decisions will be made by
            management team who understand the Amiga and the market not by
            money guys.
[alex-CEI]* I am not at liberty to discuss the investors, only to say
            that they are technology driven and understand the potential of the
            Amiga core technology.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] jbasile: Q: Do you have plans to continue WOCA type shows in the USA?
[alex-CEI]* YES!  Shows will be affordable to the developers, vendors
            and end-users.  All the Amiga shows are very important.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] ecarroll: Q: Any plans to add "Scan-doubler" technology to future AGA
       machines to overcome problems they currently have with VGA monitors?
[alex-CEI]* At this time this is an open subject to discussion, no
            decisions have been made.  C= did have some prototypes in house to
            solve this problem.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] jbasile: Q: In addition, new locations for WOCA should be chosen, i.e.,
       Boston, MA, Montreal, etc. NYC is getting stale.
[alex-CEI]* How bout Walla Walla Washington? hehehe
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] dray: Q: Have you been in contact with anyone about compilers and other
       development tools needed by developers if you do switch to a RISC CPU?
[alex-CEI]* No, the decision for which RISC processor has not been made. Once
            it is they will be approached for the proper tools and support.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] Bill_L: "Does Apple's recent announcement that it will be licensing the
       Mac OS affect your marketing strategy?
[alex-CEI]* No, not at all. AmigaOS stands heads above the Mac System.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] dray: Q: If you drop AAA, would you allow 3rd parties to license it?
[alex-CEI]* If the design stage is sufficiently far along for AAA to be
            useful to developers of course.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] twalsh: If you win the bid, acquire C= lock, stock, and barrel, is
       there a one-, two-or five-year business plan you could briefly outline;
       i.e., distribution, European market development, product strategies?
[alex-CEI]* I have written books on this question literally.. let try
            the Cliff Note version here.
[alex-CEI]* The A4000 can be migrated upward to take advantage of the
            68060 with a number of enhancements and then unto RISC.
[alex-CEI]* The low end (A1200) still has a lot of life as a low end
            computer (68030,040, etc)
[alex-CEI]* We will control a variety of niche market in which the Amiga
[alex-CEI]* Videography, 3#d rendering, multimedia and entertainment.
[alex-CEI]* By getting the Amiga name recognize as the ultimate graphic
            machine the machine will blossom
[alex-CEI]* into new vertical applications.  We have reached tentative
            agreements with Europen distributors and
[alex-CEI]* dealers to support the Amiga in those markets.
[alex-CEI]* That's the Cliff Note version.
[alex-CEI]* >

[jdow] Do you need a brief recess? {^_-}
[jdow] (I have LOTS more queued up.)
[alex-CEI]* No, let's continue for the next 15 minutes.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] jcompton: What sort of lines of communication between "ATI" and the end
       user do you see?
[alex-CEI]* Friendly, :), technical support and cooperation.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] bobr1: Q: Do you plan to make a laptop or lunchbox portable, or if not
       license the chipset to interested outside developers?
[alex-CEI]* It does not make sense to develop a laptop with the current
            AA technology.  My understanding is
[alex-CEI]* that the next generation will be better suited for this
            application.  If someone is interested
[alex-CEI]* in making a "luggable" we will be more than happy to
            entertain offers.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] twalsh: If a co. wanted to buy/inspect the Phillipine plant, do they
       contact the trustee, the Phillipine gov't., or ???
[alex-CEI]* Call the trustee, serious inquiries are being accomodated.
[alex-CEI]* ?
[jdow] (I'd call the insurance agent first.)

[jdow] dray: Do you plan on having both/either internet and phone support for
       both developers and user??
       (Hopefully continueing here on BIX, jdow {^_-})
[alex-CEI]* yes, communication is important to the new management team.
            Plans include having a constant online presence.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] jcompton: Q: Will that sort of manufacturing/distribution of peripherals
       continue?  Will there once again be a truly "full" package from one
       company at once?
[alex-CEI]* All aspects of manufacturing and distribution will be
            controlled by the new company.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] twalsh: Any discussions with MicroSoft, Claris, Adobe, etc. we should
       know about?
[alex-CEI]* We are not able to discuss ongoing conversations in this forum.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] elminster: Speaking of inducements to s/w companies - what are you
       going to do to keep SAS making compilers for Amiga?
[alex-CEI]* Whatever it takes. SAS is an important developer.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] bobr1: Q: Will the CD32 be continued and enhanced for the long haul, or
       do you see it as the end of the line as far as game consoles & the amiga
       are concerned?
[jdow] In line with that I know several kiosk manufacturers who are VERY eager
       to get CD32s.
[alex-CEI]* I love the potential of the CD32 and expect to continue and enhance
            the product. But it is not very realistic to
[alex-CEI]* fight a battle with the Titans (Sony, Nintendo, Sega) at this time.
            We think there is a great market for the CD32 as a low cost
            multimedia delivery platform.
[alex-CEI]* The CD32 will continue to do well in Europe as a game console and
            once a deal is finalize new software should be coming online.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] jbasile: Q: Do you plan to continue support of PCMCIA, and the just
       release PCMCIA III, aka, "PC Card 94" on new machibes?
[alex-CEI]* Have not discuss this issue with engineering.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] Keith Burns: Will you constant online presence maintain the developer
       conference on BIX? (I invite him to examine it. I can ask Carloyn to
       "let him in." jdow)
[alex-CEI]* Yes.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] Two together again:
[jdow] twalsh: C= often spoke of "infomercials" for CD32 that never happened.
       Planning some?
[jdow] twalsh: Also, QVC is rumored to have bought/leased the W. Chester bldg.
       Some of the former C= management approached them to market CD32. Has CEI?
[alex-CEI]* It appears that the "infomercials" have not been succesful for
[alex-CEI]* I am familiar with the discussions of C= and QVC, there is always a
            possiblity to further those discussion but not agreement or decision
            has been reached.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] IanG: Alex, as information is available could you please find away to
       get it to the nets? Reliable.
[alex-CEI]* Yes, more than happy to. We'll let Jason know and he'll tell the
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] jcompton: Can you realistically see the Amiga being sold in the same
       markets as a Mac or PC in the future?  ("Home Office", that sort of
       marketing lingo...)
[alex-CEI]* No initially, we are directing the marketing funds towards
            the market were we have a significant chance of winning.  If we
            are succesfull there then we'll take the challange.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] (Appears to be comment instead of question....) lhinckley: The AmiExpo
       team is still around and interested!
[alex-CEI]* Good news.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] Bill_L: Mac OS again - providing Mac compatibility in a bundle could
       sway purchasers to the Amiga. Do you see this as a good possibility?
[alex-CEI]* Yes, we saw this opportunity early on, that's why we bundled
            Emplant with the A4000.
[alex-CEI]* ?
[jdow] hughcrawford: Are there any plans to do a Amiga on a board to fit in a
       slot of a computer such as a PC clone or the pci slot of the upcoming
       Power PCs, sort of a reverse BridgeBoard?
[alex-CEI]* There are a lot of discussions on that topic but nothing solid yet.
            I like the idea of introducing the world to the Amiga OS.  This
            would also solve a lot of problems for the Amiga developer
            breaking into the PC market.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] elminster: When will the new version of RKM (revised to cover 3.1 or
       higher) be released? Is there already something in the works?
[alex-CEI]* As we speak I am almost finished with the new RKM:)
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] ecarroll: Both Apple and IBM have announced TCP/IP support in future OS
       releases. Will CEI follow suit?
[alex-CEI]* This time we will follow, next time we will lead.
[alex-CEI]* ?
[jdow] VaxBrat: Any Plans for A FEDERAL sales group.  Support of Amix or Posix
       type O/S?
[alex-CEI]* The Federal government has purchased substantial amount of Amiga
            products in the past.  We expect to rebuild that part of the market
            slowly.  Don't expect a new division of new OS soon.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] Demetri: Since time is the biggest factor, what will you do to try to
       keep the remaining Amiga users stick with the new C=?
[alex-CEI]* The one thing C= did right was excellent deals on Power Ups.
            If we can bring new exciting machines to market with reasonable
            pricing and upgrade paths there is no reason to lose the loyal
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] jcompton: Presuming you win in 3 weeks or so, what will you be doing
       for the Winter CES?
[jdow] geocresswell: any plans to hit NAB next year?
[alex-CEI]* If we can complete the acquisition in time my marketing guys
            have come up with a wild event for CES.  Yes, trade shows
            including NAB are important to our goals.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] whavens: Q: How soon will there be developer support once you know
       you've got it?
[alex-CEI]* Immediately.  We need to get the developers onboard and move
            the Amiga forward.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] elminster: What are the remaining C= engineers doing now? Are you
       working with them RIGHT NOW?
[alex-CEI]* There remains 18 engineers working for the trustee.  A good number
            of engineers have expressed the willingness to return upon
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] bobr1: Q: Will you release a dartboard with Irving Gould's picture on
       it, or other similar promo items?  :-)
[alex-CEI]* Call us later and we'll tell you our plans.  My staff won't
let me discuss these plans online.:)

[jdow] One last serious one then....
[jdow] dequeen: What should we expect in terms of worldwide marketing? Will
       there be efforts made to let more people in on the secret of the Amiga?
       whavens: Q: What will the relationship be between CEI and CBM UK if you
       win? If not?
[alex-CEI]* A two part:
[jdow] Um - oh well - two crept into the buffer
[alex-CEI]* The best sales tool for the Amiga computer is to have people
            experience the Amiga and its operating system.
[alex-CEI]* If we can get consumer awareness success will come naturally, to
            that extent we will work to educate the consumer through the
            right marketing channels.
[alex-CEI]* As far as the Commodore UK group, I will repeat myself a thousand
            time, I have left the door open to work jointly if we are
            succesfull. The Amiga needs friends and supporters not waring
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] Re floor polishers from the C= auction....:
[jdow] jcompton: I'm not asking you to set a date yet, but will there be a CEI
       victory party? And will the owner of the floor scrubber be invited?
[jdow] jcompton: (Please ask this before Alex leaves:) Alex, can you please
       detail your plans for keeping the ATI office floors properly scrubbed?
[alex-CEI]* We might not have time for a party there is a lot of work for
            developers, dealers, supporters and ourselves.  As far as floor
            scrubbing I understand you excel Jason.
[alex-CEI]* ?

[jdow] That's about it, Folks. Alex tells me he is tired.
       (And now a brief word from our sponsers...)
[jdow] jdow: Remember folks, this event is Copyright by Delphi Internet
       Services. There will be an official "capture buffer" posted in the
       near future to Delphi and CIX. Shortly thereafter it will be released
       to the networks. Please do not post your own as it will confuse issues.
[jdow] And...

[jdow] jdow: On behalf of BIX and its Amiga Exchange and all our members I want
       to thank you EVER so much for taking the time to be here tonight, Alex.

[Valorie]* And thanks to Joanne, Rich, and Nancy for taking time from
           their busy schedules to support this event.
[jdow] I hope we did not exhaust you too much. And it looks like it would be a
       "good thing" if you win. Good luck!

[alex-CEI]* Thank you for your time, interest and support. I hope to let
            all of you in a secret real soon.  Goodnight!!!!!!!!!!!!
[jdow] Capture off

< And a couple snippets from the ensuing discussion ED >
< effusive thanks from all concerned >
[jcompton]* Especially for fielding yet another floor scrubber question.
[jcompton]* YAFSQ.  That's going to be an anagram in the Amiga lingo if it's
            the last thing I do.
[bobr1] Just what is the deal on the floor scrubber?  What is the joke?
[jcompton] bobr1: At the Commodore US auction, along with piles of  technology
                  and computers and electronics equipment, was a floor scrubber,
                  with a full-color picture and paragraph-long description.