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%% A look at the future               By: Ibrahim Solmaz                %%
%% One Amiga user's view     %%

[Editor's note: Mr. Solmaz went to quite extensive lengths to reach me
with his article.  I have decided to print it because opinions on the
future are relevant and important to the entire community.  However,
some of the information within is based on conjecture, and should not be
considered to be set in stone.]

First hi to everyone who owns an Amiga !

I would complain, that everyone?, wants an Amiga 5000/RISC?/AAA?
under $1400! Guys where are you living ? I visited a German Computer Shop
called Vobis (They discount low cost PCs and also now Macintoshs)
The Price for an PowerPC 8100/80 is 12.000 DM (nearly $6.900)

The 8100/80 PowerMac has a PPC601, 80 MHz !
a 500Meg Hard drive,
a Video-Adapter with 2MB VRAM
 (That's REAL Expensive, The AAA Chipset would also use it,
 if it ever comes out to public),
TWO Onboard SCSI Host adapters
 (one with Standard SCSI-2, the other with Support for FastSCSI-2),
16 Meg Ram,
 (I think they are using low cost 70ns Simms)
Apple Talk
 (Apple proprietary Network Protocol)
 (The Worldwide Used Network Protocol)

And now we make a comparison:
An Amiga 5000/RISC/AAA? (what I like to see)
with 4MB VRam,
 (Don't forget with the AAA Chipset you need a minimum of 4MB Chip ram,
  OR can stick on your AGA/ECS Machine)
a PPC604 80MHz or 100MHz Processor
 (These Machine must be comparable against Pentiums and PowerPC`s)
a FastSCSI-2 Host adapter on Board
 I need that for my soon? Micropolis 2.4 Gig HD)
at Minimum 16 MB Memory on Board
 I am going with my A3000 with 14MB Ram, many times out of memory,
 and don't forget that Risc Code is 50%-80% longer then normal
 CISC Code (68030/040/060/486/Pentium
(I (myself) would put then there for sure 32 MB Ram.
Also I would like to see Ethernet on Board
 (Its a must today, every better class PC and the Risc based
 Macintoshs/Quadras have that.
 I personally would like see FAST ethernet with a Transfer Rate of 10Megs,
 because its an ISO standard and it would be more used
 then FDDI in the Future)
540 Meg Hard drive (Quantum preferred, NOT SEAGATE)
 (Don't forget the RISC native Software is 50%-80% longer then normal
 CISC Code, also there is a need for big storage because 24 Bit Pictures,
 Animations and 16 Bit sound eats lot of Memory)
DSP would be recommended, but its not important to have one !
 (Anyway, most of the DSP Software Support is done, and there is also
 1 Program which (also which I only know) supports the DSP Card
 (then maybe Onboard) ImageFX 2.0 !
 You can find in ImageFX2.0 such strings like "vcas.library", "dsp3210.device"
 ALSO a DSP can play a ROLE of 3D Chip !No Problem at all !

 Here is a List of the possibilities of AT&T DSP3210
              - 32-bit floating point arithmetic
              - 32-bit addressing
              - large 8K on-chip cache 0 wait
              - 33Mflops of power
              - shared bus with Motorola CPU
              - Serial I/O with DMA 24 Mbits/sec
              - Barrel shifter
              - mu-law & A-law encoding
              - Bit I/O general purpose 8-bit I/O port

              it can emulate:
              - V32 / V22bis MNP5 / V29 G3 fax / modem emulation with fallback
              - subband coder
              - G.722 7khz speech coder (1000% better than SAY)
              - DTMF generator/decoder
              - JPEG still/ MPEG encode/decode
              - Call progress detector
              - Non integer sample rate converter
              - delta-spectrum feature extractor
              - text to phones LPC, LPC to speach
              - speech recognizer
              - talker verification
              - 3d GFX library
              - MIDI music synth with EMU proteus soundlibs
              - perceptual image coder
              - perceptual audio coder
 There are many things which you CANT do with a 3D Risc Chip, but with a DSP !!
 You can also hold more then 1 DSP in the System !The Commodore DSP Card
 had two 66MHZ AT&T 3210DSP`s !Also the DSP Software support this!

-4 PCI Slots (In one slot is the MPC604 Card)
-5 Zorro III Slots,

Good Design and good Quality (ALSO IMPORTANT) of the Case, Keyboard,
Mouse,.. Parts!
 (I like the A3000 Mouse, and also A3000 Keyboards are excellent, some A4000`s
 keyboards and all A600/A1200 Keyboard are like typing on a 1940`s Typewriter
 or maybe worse, in short words, its SH*T.)

And a good price for this Setup would be around $4000-$5000! Thats a good
price for what you get !And not terrible expensive like Apple!

the AAA Low End Machines (comparable to the PowerMac6100/60)
must at start $2000 (3400 DM) !
System must be:
 Processor MPC603+, 80 MHZ
 2 MB Vram,
 270 Meg HD (Quantum preferred)
 8 MB Ram
 3 PCI Slots
 1 or 2 Zorro III Slots !

And don't forget:  if a Computer costs much, then there would be software
which also costs much.  And generally this kind of Software is much more
powerful then low cost software (not all the time, but most times)
(Show at the Mac`s)

And what me make ANGRY, are people want to see all this for $1200.
That's _NOT_ Possible.

If you have No Money get another Hobby or stuck on
your CD32/A1200/A600/Low Cost IDE PCs/Nintendos/ Kids' Computers?.
Without such kind of People, the Amiga would have be a BETTER Status in the
Computer world, and not like a TOY-Machine.
(except the some TV Stations which are some Amigas using)

I would like to see that the Amiga get a High Class Status like a Macintosh or
like in the 1986.
At this time People said "WOW" to my A1000, and at this
time it was REAL expensive, and that was Good so, and today I will get
pissed of, if I go to a Computer Shop and tell them that I have an Amiga,
and then the Dealer would be say to me:  Get a professional Computer, a PC
or a Macintosh! or a better Game Machine like SNES & 3DO !

Anyway one day I said to one Dealer, that I have an Unix Clone (You can say that
on a Amiga with a MMU (No A1200/A4000/EC030 hehe) without any Problems
NETBSD, which is a Common Unix, and don't forget that the Amiga Operating
System has some UNIX like functions)
with a resolution of 1024*800, and its Motorola based, has 400 megs SCSI-2
Hard drive.
And his Comment was: "WOW, Cool Machine, How much did you pay for it ?"
Then I replied:  "More than a 486 Class Computer." (That's right, I payed for every
4 Meg in my A3000 440 DM=$290! :-) )

Another Important Thing is:  Commodore has designed their own Chips,
designing Amiga Hardware is not cheap like designing PC or Macintosh Hardware.
Do you every heard that Compaq, Digital, The Taiwan PC Clone Makers?,
uses Custom Chips (designed by themselves) ?
(The VL/PCI/ISA Chipsets are designed not by the common PC Makers, its
designed by Intel, OMTI, and 3 or 4 others)

The Macintoshs (the newer ones) have only 3 Custom Chips, 1 for
SCSI DMA (only in the PowerMacs, the older ones uses PIO), 1 for Sound,
1 the NuBus Slots.  Thats all !

My Amiga 3000 has 8 Custom Chips:  Fat Agnus, Paula, ECS Denise, DMAC, Ramsey,
Fat Gary,
Fat Buster, Amber, and the two CIA`s !

A Triple A System would have these Chips:  Monica, Andrea, Linda, Mary,
PCI -> ZorroIII Bridge , Some kind of Ramses & DMac & Gary!

(Only the Chips:  Monika, Andrea, Linda, Mary have a 700.000 Transistors,
a AGA Based System has only 80.000 Transistors)

That's costs a Hell of a lot to develop & produce such a Custom Chip Set!

Also designing the System Operating software is a hell of work!
Microsoft have been trying to design good System Operating software since 1980, but
until now, they have not succeeded!  PC Clone Makers don`t invest Money
to develop Operating System, they only pay ? (or better) the customer pay
for a license to use MS-DOS&Windows!  And in this World are aprox. 80 Million
PC`s.  And every PC had a MS DOS License!  License costs around 50 Dollar !
$60 * 80 Million Licenses = $!
This is 4 Billion Dollar !
(That's only with the Operating System, not to forget to mention the
Microsoft Software Productivity? Software like Winword, Excel)

If the New Amiga Company has success, then they can also do a little challenge
with the AmigaOS against Microsoft WindowsNT and port the AmigaOS to the
PreP Platform.
And then they will get also there a new UserBase and some Money (that's important)
If we say the OEM license costs about $80 and then they sell it over, and get
some money (Show the Example with Microsoft above).
With the superior AmigaOS would that be not a big problem, except
the marketing!

Here is a List of Directions of the next Apple OS, System8.0 (Maybe some
Commodore People (Also Alex Amor?, David Pleasance?,) read this!)

System8.0 (Codename Copland) will come up in the fall of 1995 !
-OpenDoc Support (Would like to see that in future Revisions in the AmigaOS,

-Needs at minimum a 68030 with MMU or a PowerPC !
(Apple only use only real 68030 with MMU!not such Shit like 68030EC like
C= in the A4000/030, (This Type Guys can buy the Cyberstorm, WarpEngine,
Accelerator Card hehe))

-Preemptive Multitasking for new Programs, cooperative Multitasking for the
 old Programs (The Amiga has Preemptive Multitasking since the beginning!)

-Memory protection only for new Programs !

-Concurrent IO, Access to multiple Peripherals !

-Changed Human Interface (Would be also good for the Amiga, something like
                          MUI or a HUMAN Interface in the SCALA Design
                          then every Idiot can use the Amiga. I know many
                          of them!)

-Filenames could be 48 Chars long and can use UNIcode Characters!
                      (The Limit on the Amiga is 30 chars, 64 Chars would be ok!)

-Volume Limit is by 256 Terabyte (=262144 GByte)
 and you can have a maximum of 65536 Files on a volume

(On Amiga there is a Volume limit at 4 Gigabytes and HDToolbox plays crazy
if you had more then 2 Gigs! Commodore give not any warranty for Drives bigger
then 2 Gigs :( !

I don't know if there is a File Limitation on the Amiga, I have on my Amiga
aprox 14000 Files!, if I had my 2.4 Gig Hard drive then I could test it out :-) )

System9.0 (Codename Gershwin) will come up in the fall of 1996 !
-Mircokernal Architecture
(The AmigaOS is now nearer to Mircokernal Architecture then any other OS,
except MACH (NextStep is based on Mach), only Mircokernal Architectures can
use the advantages of Multiple Processor Systems)

-Also preemptive Multitasking for the old (System7.x Programs)
(See my comment above, and I would like to see how they will implement it)
-Full Memory protection (for old and new Programs)

-3D Graphic Software Engine !
(that means you can play something like doom in the Desktop, and automatically
a 3D Engine Chip would supported, would be a GREAT Idea for the AMIGA?-3D
Chip (On this Chip is David Pleasance and Alex Amor talking about)

-Volume Limit is now by 8 ExaByte (=8192 TeraByte=8388608 GigaByte)
File Limit is now at 4294967296 (=4 Billion!!!) Files on one Partition!

In Generally these Steps must also the AmigaOS Follow! I know some People,
who have Problems with the Filesystem on their Hard drive bigger then
2 Gigabytes (Some Days ago somebody left a message on the German UseNet
( that he has a 9 GB Harddisk,
but he cant use all the storage, he is "only" able access 4 Gig from
his 9 Gig Harddisk!)

My hardware setups are:
1xA3000 (14 MB Ram, 400 MB Harddrive, 4 Greytone A2024 Monitor, CBM
2060 Arcnet)
and 3xA1000
(one with 68030, 10.5 MB, 200 Meg Harddrive, CBM Arcnet Card) and the
2nd A1000 has 2.5 Meg and a Sidecar!
Besides that, I have 2 USRobotics DSTs, they costs me more then todays 486`s!

(But anyway I'm proud NOT to HAVE a PC, except the Sidecar, its has a 4.77MHZ
8088! but the Case looks NICE! :-) )

And at least I am 19 years young, NOT Working, I am going to school, for the
next 1.7 Years!
(I work in my holidays, but that's another story)
Soon I will await my 2.4 Gig Harddrive, then I will open perhaps an Amiga
Bulletin Board !

All Prices are German prices! Not US Prices! It seems that in Germany
some things costs more! Now everyone think we, Germans?, are rich Guys !

If you have comments on this Article, then you can me send a mail,
but it would be better if you sent it to Amiga Report Stuff, so
everybody can read it.