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%% Why?                                             By: Maxwell Daymon  %%
%% A dark view...                             %%


Commodore is all but dead.  The future of Amiga is in the hands of
liquidators who have a responsibility to creditors who alledgedly couldn't
care less what happens, as long as they get their money.  Further, the
industry is not stopping to take notice - the Amiga isn't going to be the
"future" forever.  So why do people still cling to the Amiga?

Obviously some have stopped and are (happily?) computing on some other
platform.  After all, a computer is a computer.  Others are holding on to a
large investment of time, money, or both.  A number of users are simply
familiar with the system and don't want to switch for that reason alone.
After all, isn't it hard enough to learn one OS?  There are also those who
subscribe to the old principle of "don't fix what's not broken" and plan on
using their Amigas until they literally break down.

Many look beyond the superficial and practical reasoning.  Especially those
who see the Amiga as more than "just" a computer.  In all honesty, AmigaOS,
Macintosh System X, and OS/2 are the three last choices the general public has
in terms of an operating system, that number is about to be reduced to two.
There's always the various flavors of UN*X for the so called techno-gods, but
they certainly aren't for the casual user and it's not the kind of OS you'd
want to recommend to Aunt Matilda and the kids.

These are the people who don't like the idea of getting a book of what you are
allowed to use in your programs to avoid litigation for using so-called
"industry trade secrets." These are the people who can't help but to notice
that there is one company that has a huge number of people convinced that an
integral part of all computers is DOS (*MS* DOS, that is) and they not only
produce the operating system, but many of the applications and development
tools FOR that operating system.  Isn't it obvious that when one company
controls the cars you drive, the roads you drive on, and the fuel you put into
your car, you don't have quite as much freedom as you thought?

To paraphrase Henry Ford, "You can have any operating system you like, as long
as it's made by Microsoft."