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%% compt.sys.editor.desk                         By:  Jason Compton     %%

Hello, everyone.  It's October...and the end, allegedly, is in sight.

Stop me if you've heard this before: The liquidator is supposed to present
his decision to the Bahamanian Supreme Court October 15 or earlier.  Of
course...that could mean Oct. 15, 1995 at this rate.  Who knows, though:
this has to end sooner or later.

A bit of housekeeping: Starting next issue, Amiga Report will be put into
a split form for E-mailing.  With the issues constantly above 200k, the
compressed and UUencoded form is simply too big for many mailing list
readers, so I've decided to make the change.  I will try to keep the
splits two-part only, so there is minimal effort to put them back
together.  Some mail readers and UUCP shells will do the combining
automatically.  Those who don't have this convenience can easily pull
the two halves together with a simple text editor (MEmacs will suffice).

I'd also like to answer a couple of charges against me.  One is that I am
geocentrically rooting for CEI to obtain Commodore.  The answer to that
is this: Amiga Report has been carrying a large amount of CEI info lately
because we can get it.  Commodore UK has been asked to appear for online
conferences and has been invited to call me, but no response yet.
As for Escom, the German company that recently submitted a bid: I am
trying to gather contact information for the company.

I am NOT trying to block news.

I've postponed some reviews this week, simply because the magazine was
filling up.  Next time around, we'll have reviews of GPFax, Guardian,
Cyber Sphere, MaxDOS, and Dave Haynie's new video (information is
listed in the Amiga News section of the magazine.)

Enjoy the issue.


P.S.  I've received a few requests for an article on AmiTCP.  Any takers?