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  Connect Your Amiga!    IAM writes the book on networking...
    DoAllData 1.01       A data/filetype processor
       VFX 5.533         THE filetype analyzer
     ASpringies 1.0      A spring/mass simulator
     PhoneBill 3.0       A log file analyzer for billing
Colonial Conquest II 1.0 A game of colonization and conquest
       RO 0.81           An MUI directory manager
  MultiFileSystem 1.1    An interface to file systems
    ScreenFool 2.7       Public Screen Manager
     SnoopDos 3.0        System/program monitor
     Scrabble 1.0        Scrabble.
   MasterGuide 1.2a      Organize AmigaGuide files for access
     EditKeys 1.61       Mess with keymaps
   Grapevine IRC 1.0     An Amiga IRC client
    HWGRCS       Revision Control System
      AmiGate 1.1        FidoNet<>UUCP Gateway

| The 10 most downloaded files from Aminet during the week until 25-Sep-94
| Updated weekly. Most popular file on top.
|File                Dir        Size Description
|------------------- ---        ---- -----------
snoopdos30.lha       util/moni  128K+System monitor, many new features added.
ar227.lha            docs/mags   84K+Amiga Report - 14 Sept 94
MSoft_Pengo.lha      game/misc  242K+Pengo-type game. Unbelievably good.
ImageStudio.lha      gfx/conv   385K+Image processing/conversion program v1.0.1
term-4.1-030.lha     comm/term  521K+The MC68020/030/040/060 version
zedwb21.lha          game/gag    23K Realtime vector workbench backdrop hack
WBGrafitti.lha       util/wb     11K+Write and draw on the WB-screen!
68060Guide.txt       dev/misc     4K+Software Guide for the 68060 Upgrade
poom_02.lha          gfx/aga    481K+A Doom! style engine with ceiling and floo
term-4.1-Libs.lha    comm/term  125K+XPR and XEM libs