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        MultiFileSystem - share multiple file systems under a single
                          device name




        Nicola Salmoria  <>


        Thanks to the versatility of AmigaDOS, we are able to use many
        different file systems on our disks. The most popular is of course
        CrossDOS (tm), but many other file systems can be found in the PD.
        Adding a new file system to the Amiga is simplicity itself: just
        copy a file in L:, provide a suitable mountlist, and there you go.
        This works flawlessy if every physical unit is accessed by a
        single file system, but if multiple file systems share the same
        device, some problems arise:

        - You have to call the same unit with different names (e.g. DF0:
          and PC0:) depending of the kind of disk inserted.

        - When you insert a PC disk, the Workbench shows a DF0:???? icon,
          and vice versa; this can be very annoying especially for owners
          of more than one drive.

        - When a file system is busy (for example during a DiskCopy), the
          other file systems can still access the disk; this goes against
          the concept of "inhibiting" a device.

        MultiFileSystem solves all of these problems. It isn't a file
        system in the usual way: it is an interface to other file systems.
        When you mount it, you tell it which file systems it should use;
        afterwards, when a disk is inserted, MultiFileSystem will
        recognize it and pass the commands to the appropriate file system.
        This means that with a single device name, for example DF0:, you
        can access any conceivable file system!

        You are not limited to floppy drives, of course: I successfully
        installed MultiFileSystem over a 128Mb magnetooptical drive.


        Fixed all reported bugs. It seems that version 1.0 didn't work
        with the Mount command supplied with Workbench 2.1. This
        incompatibility has been removed so version 1.1 should work on
        all systems starting from Workbench 2.1 upwards.

        New DiskCopy and Format patches, which make operations easier:
        DiskCopy automatically picks the correct file system on the
        destination disk; Format shows a requester asking the user to
        choose which file system to use.


        OS release 2.1 or newer


        Any Aminet site, for example    








        Freeware, freely distributable as long as the archive remains
        intact and only a nominal fee is charged for its distribution.