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     Colonial Conquest II






     Christian Mumenthaler


     Colonial Conquest II is a complex space strategy game for one or two
     persons.  The aim of each player is to colonialize a maximum of the 26
     earth-like planets that are shown on the universe map.  Every planet
     has its own surface composed of oceans, forests, mountains, deserts
     etc where different machines (power-plants, irrigation robots, space
     port etc) have to be built to guarantee a rapid grow and a high
     production of the colony.  People can direct the machines or work as
     scientists which will make the technology level rise and allow new
     inventions (battlestars, planet scanners, energy cannons etc).  Each
     player will have to explore the universe, build war ships for space
     battles and troop transporters for the invasions of other worlds.  The
     game is easy to handle as it has an intuitive, mouse-based interface.
     It also has decent graphics with some rendered HAM images.


     Colonial Conquest II is a sequel to Colonial Conquest.
     Many bugs have been removed and hundreds of details
     improved. The new and outstanding features are:

     - Intelligent computer opponent.
       In the one player mode, the computer will simulate a
       highly aggressive alien race that colonizes planets,
       explores the universe, performs coherent attacks, invades
       planets and uses the surviving population as slaves for
       a maximum material production.

     - Espionage. Spy satellites can now scan planets or view
       them from space.

     - 50 different alien life forms that can be discovered.

     - Army forces have to be constructed to defend planets or
       invade others.

     - Lots of new objects & space ships.

     - Title music, more graphics.

     - Background story.
       When playing in the two player mode, a new aim can be
       to be incorporated in a huge empire that is not interested
       in the small colonies at the begining. Empire points are
       distributed among the players for discoveries, production
       and fleet force. The first player who has reached a certain
       amount of empire points is incorporated and wins the game
       which means that the two player do not necessarly have to
       annihilate eachother.


     Colonial Conquest is a PAL game, but it works on NTSC machines
     too (vertical screen scrolling). Besides this, it should work
     on ALL Amigas with MORE THAN 1MB of RAM.

     Use Left-Amiga + A to multitask.


     Any Aminet site (, etc)






     Colonial Conquest is GiftWare. You can send a donation,
     a postcard or a mail to the author if you liked the


     Freely distributable if not more than a nominal fee is
     asked for the copy! The Copyright remains by the author
     Christian Mumenthaler.
     Read the "Copyright"-file carefully if you want to do
     something else than just play the game and have fun!