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    Grapevine Amiga IRC Client V1.0




    Brian J. Cerveny (


        Grapevine is an Amiga Internet Relay Chat client.  The IRC
    is a worldwide network on which users can participate in realtime
    conversation.  Grapevine is a means by which to communicate over
    this network using an attractive, easy to use graphic interface
    that befits the nature of the Amiga.
        Grapevine supports several methods of communication.  You
    may use one of the TCP/IP stacks:  Commodore's AS225r2 or the
    freely distributable AmiTCP.
        Grapevine also support any serial.device compatible device
    by means of a simple Unix network connection utility and a small
    terminal program to log in and connect to the server, and pass
    control to Grapevine.

    Program Features:

    - Over 50 input line commands with online syntax help.
      Modular DCC programs allow users to write their own DCC
    - clients, including games.  DCC file transfer modules included.
    - Supports up to 10 different channel/message windows.
    - Ability to automatically join channels when first connecting
    - Attractive "Style Guide" compliant graphic user interface.
    - Fast scrollback, configurable buffer size.
    - Opens on any public screen.
    - Point-and-click user operations like op, ban, kick, whois.
    - Graphic icon toolbar for common operations.  8-color MagicWB
      style icons are optional.


  Some of the advanced features that will be available in registered
  versions of Grapevine include:

    - ARexx scripting, allowing complete control of Grapevine and the
      addition of your own features and commands
    - Event traps which cause execution of a script when certain
      messages are received or when other events occur
    - Netsplit trapping/handling
    - Text clipping and pasting
    - Command aliases
    - NOTIFY command to periodically check for signon/signoff of
      specified users
    - Allow user to save current state of windows (position, channels
      joined, etc.) and recreate that state when Grapevine is loaded.
    - Online context-sensitive help and gadget help.
    - Logging of messages and public discussion to disk files


    AmigaDOS Release 3 (V39) or newer (Release 2 support in the works)
    At least 1MB of RAM, 2MB recommended, with 1MB chip RAM
    Hard drive recommended.
    TCP/IP networking package optional.
    A direct (TCP) or indirect (serial login) Internet connection.

HOST NAME: [] (Official support site)






    September 20, 1994


    V1.0 release is free.
    Future major versions will be $25 US with free updates.


    Grapevine is Copyright (C)1994 by Brian J. Cerveny.
    V1.0 of Grapevine is freely distributable as long as the conditions
    outlined in the program license are adhered to (essentially as long
    as no money is made from distribution).


    A mailing list has been created for discussion regarding this
    program.  To subscribe, send email to the following address:

    To subscribe, put the following line in the message body:

        subscribe grapevine