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        Pepsi.          The choice of a new generation
        Mac.            The noise of a wrong calibration
        IBM.            The toys of a dead generation
        NExT.           The choice 'cause of bad information

        AMIGA.          For those with real imagination

        Coke.           You can't beat the feeling
        PS/2.           You can't see the new thing
        Sun.            You can't feel the beating
        Atari.          You'll need some healing

        AMIGA.          You can reach the ceiling

                                                Ferry van het Groenewoud
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         E l e c t r o n i c   F a r t s

              in association with

                U n c l e   S M


     D  E  L  U  X  E     P  A  I  N     V

  Deluxe Pain IV has proved to be extremely popular, due to the unique features
only Electronic Farts gives you. Now Deluxe Pain V gives you even better
features, and even more enjoyment. Here are just some of the incredible things
you can find in DPV:

- New real world pens
  Earlier versions had limited modes, such as Smear, which covered your body
with your own blood, and Blender, which cut parts of your body into really
small pieces. Now you also have several real world pens, all of which can
enter your body in surprisingly painful ways. In addition you get sharpened
pencils, to be thrust into even more unsuspecting body parts. The new Chalk
mode sprays chalk into your eyes. This way you won't see where the pencils
are going to enter your body, and will be even more pleasantly surprised.

- Improved Cut and Taste
  With DPV you are no longer limited to cutting your body into the same boring
shapes. With the new and improved Cut and Taste, you can carve any part of
your body into any original shape that you like, then cut it and put it into
your mouth, for full enjoyment.

- Improved Spray Gun
  Now you can also decide the centre of the spray, and what size of bullets
will be used.

- Much much more

  We are sure that all our trusted customers will get out of their hospital
beds and rush to buy Deluxe Pain V.


! With apologies to BLAZEMONGER (