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%% compt.sys.editor.desk                         By:  Jason Compton    %%

Time just keeps ticking away...and the end is always a month or so ahead.

The Amiga keeps sliding along, despite a horrifying wait that is
stretching into legend.  When this is all over...we won't forget it for
a long, long time.

Commodore stock certificates look like they might be best as collector's
items...disappointing, really.

As for developments...well, there are always those.  This time, we've got
the exclusive transcript of the CEI Conference on Portal, which Amiga
Report organized.  Alan Buxey is supposed to extend my invitation to
David Pleasance for his own, so time will tell how that goes.  Another
German company has allegedly entered the fray, but we'll see what happens

Observant readers will have noticed that there's a new subheading for
the magazine: Commercial AR.  This was the "Selling selected products"
I spoke about earlier...sort of.  I'm still finalizing details
(payment methods) with Micro R+D and Quasar Distribution, but David
Tiberio has taken Area 52 mail order, and I have agreed to run a price
list here with the understanding that he re-invests a portion of AR-
generated profits in the magazine, in the form of obtaining review
equipment, making phone calls, and the like.  I have tried to make
it unobtrusive but fairly easy to find if you want it, and at the same
time minimizing the size.  Please, tell me what you think.

In the meantime...try to enjoy yourself.  If you're an IRC fan, check
out the Announcements section.  If you want to read some of my reviews...
they're here as always.  Or, if you like 30k of conversation, read the
Portal conference.

Actually, I'd feel best if you read all of it.