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%%  Amiga Game Endings...good, bad, and otherwise    By: Rowan Crawford %%
%%  A compilation                %%

My reason for playing games is specifically to find out what happens once
it's completed. The satisfaction gained after finally beating a game is
often lost when all you see is, "Well Done".

    Unfortunately, it's an all too common sight in a lot of Amiga games,
but there are exceptions. Yes, there are games around which give you
the type of gratification you want after completing a game, but the
problem is that that there is no way of telling which games these are.
    Until now anyway. Here is a compilation of all the endings posted
to UseNet ( recently, so finally you can see which games
are actually worth playing.

    If you know the endings to *any* other games not on this list,
or can give better discriptions of what is here, please mail them
to me at: . I'll include them in the
next list (if I receive enough). Even just "I think I liked it" will
suffice. Now to the list...


Alien Breed:    You are picked up by a huge space ship (which is drawn
                really well), then there's there's a heap of explosions.
                Short, but rather nice.
Another World:  The absolute final animation is short, but the whole
                ending, including the final level, is excellent. Ends
                with your character flying off on a dragon.
Armourgeddon:   Great outro animation (not confirmed).
Awesome:        Great outro animation (not confirmed).
Black Crypt:    Good ending.
Cannon Fodder:  Digitised picture of the SensiSoft team, and the original
                music played again. Lame!
Cruise For A Corpse:
                Excellent film-like ending sequence.
Chaos Strikes Back:
                "You Win" text plus cheesy animation.
Deluxe Galaga:  You get a picture plus some text stating that you've
                repelled the alien invasion. Then the text goes red,
                and you're informed that they are attacking again. Yep,
                back to level one except harder.
Deuteros:       "You Win" text.
DisposableHero: Strange. You get an animation which starts with your craft
                landing. There's people all around cheering. Then the pilot
                jumps out, runs to a sports car and drives off. Then one of
                the people watching gets out a missile launcher and proceeds
                to blow up the car.
Dungeon Master: "You Win" text.
EOB I:          It shows a 5 minute animated outro. It shows the party
                walking into the city hall and dropping off the eye of the
                beholder in front of the council. The council are initially
                angry when you disturb them, but are joyful once they hear
                about their story. The text says "Thus Begins A legend",
                which then fades out.
EOB II:         Good ending.
First Samurai:  TEXT! Thats it ("You have completed.. etc").
Flood:          After all his adventures, the little critter finally
                excapes the sewer, jumps up out of the manhole and is
                immediately flattened by a truck. Absolutely hilarious.
Hired Guns:     It's nothing impressive, but it actually has something to do
                with the story in the manual, for once!
Killing Game Show:
                Great outro animation (not confirmed).
Leisure Suit Larry II:
                MEGA LONG ending sequence.
Lemmings:       DMA digitised cheering and clapping after a screen of text.
Lionheart:      A BRILLIANT animated sequence with some superb gfx/sound.
                Parallax backgrounds to the max. Actually has "two" endings -
                you get the extended version if you track down the amulet.
Lotus I:        Just text, just a line, just a word!
Lotus II:       "Well Done" type message plus pictures of the programmers.
Microcosm:      Having finished Microcosm, I was ABSOLUTELY AMAZED by the
                end-sequence (bigger and better than the intro in some
                cases!!). But after the strange "endro", if you leave it
                running through the credits, a strange event occurs:
                Suddenly you are seeing a looped animation of a very
                roughly rendered SPACE-SCENE!! Is this a preview of
                "Scavenger 4"?????
Millenium 2.2:  Just "GAME OVER" text!!! You aren't even told that
                you won the game. It just says:
                Game:100%       Score:xxx       Bla:blabla
Might&MagicIII: Good ending.
MonkeyIsland2:  I woke up, and it was all a dream (perhaps leading into
                Monkey Island 3). Still pretty lame though.
Myth:           Stone Henge in vector format spins around, ending in the
                center looking at the main character kneeling down in
                front of you. Then there's a huge explosion. Very short,
                but very very VERY atmospheric.
OverDrive:      Not worth the (limited) effort.
Personal Nightmare:
                Disappointing ending compared to that great adventure.
RainbowIslands: Completed without collecting the seven gems: the players
                run towards a huge pile of gems, but the gem pile falls
                down, and the music goes sad. Then you''re told that you
                haven't really finished the game.
                Completed with the 7 gems: the players are being tossed into
                the air by Rainbow Island inhabitants, under a big rainbow.
Rodland:        Lame ending.
Shadow Of The Beast I/II/III:
                Text & modified title picture & no new music.
Shanghai:       Apparently a very shocking/startling ending.
Silkworm:       "You Win" text.
Starglider II:  Almost NOTHING happens!
StarTrek 25th:  You go through the firefight at the end, and you just get
                the logo and the theme.
StarWoids:      Hah haa, you'll have to pay the ShareWare fee to find out :).
SuperCars I/II: Just text, just a line, just a word!
Superfrog:      A funny Eric Swartz anim, but it wasn't really as good
                as the intro anim.
Super Space Invaders:
                Neat little animation of mothership plowing into a Burger
                World, alien out of hatch, goes "ooOOOOOhhhh!", and passes
                out. Cute.
Supremacy:      Nice sequences for each opponent.
Syndicate:      "The End" - thats it!
Turrican II:    A short, but good, animation showing Turrican flying out
                of a huge complex towards (and past) the camera. Then the
                complex explodes. Finally it has scrolling text credits
                over the picture. Very good all up.
Ultima 5:       Good ending (?).
Ultima 6:       Lame ending.
Xenon II:       Another joke ending. When you finally beat the last bad guy,
                the screen goes blank except for a dot in the center of the
                screen (accompanied by a high pitch whine). A few seconds
                later, the screen fills with interference. It's supposed
                to look like you turned off the computer.


Finally, the source of these endings in no particular order except random:

Alan Buxey / John Reynolds / Hawkwind / Jeff Hanna / Ralph Barbagallo
Omar Siddique / Geoff Miller / Dylan Vanderhoof / James Tee / Kalle Marjola
MILKA (Michael) / Paul Trauth / Willem-Jan Monsuwe / Rowan Crawford / Rich
Cacace / Robin Halligan / Brian Michae Szymanek / Mr JS Giannakis / Alexander
Adam Atkinson / Andrew Merryweather / Peter Kittel / Johan Forsberg