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%% A Call To Action (Flowers Accepted)                 By: Lamar Morgan %%
%% As originally written to Amiga World %%

[Lamar originally submitted this to Amiga World, and was very disappointed
in how much it was editted.  As a remedy, he re-posted it to Usenet,
hoping to make his impact there.]

News Media "Wake-Up" Call - An Amiga Letter-Writing Campaign

Despite the fact I am a loyal Amiga user,  it is no secret the platform
must have a bigger share of the computer marketplace, if it is to
survive....let alone grow.  Right now, due to the liquidation precedings,
the Amiga market is in disarray.  What's needed is a letter-writing
campaign directed at the network news media.  The purpose of the campaign
is to get the network news media to investigate the Commodore situation.
Personally, I think Irving Gould and Medhi Ali profited from Commodore at
the expense of employees, end users and shareholders.  I can't prove that.
I do, however, believe it to be the truth.

As you know, when prodded properly, the network news media has proven it
can get innocent people out of jail.  Perhaps, it can also  help put the
guilty behind bars as well.  Amigans, let's ask for network news media help
- to showcase the Amiga and expose Commodore corruption at the same time.
Yes, this situation has all the "charm" of a network news story.  So, let's
get the show on the road.  What follows are various contacts:

Mr. Ed Bradley
c/o "60 Minutes"
CBS News
555 W. 57th St.
New York, NY  10019

Mr. Ron Reagan
"The Crusaders"
P.O. Box 6363
Burbank, CA  91510-6363

Ms. Phyllis McGrady & Ms. Deborah Amos
ABC News "Turning Point"
157 Columbus Avenue
New York, NY  10023

(Via fax)
CNN News
National Assignment Desk

(Via E-mail)
Jane Pauley

Remember, you cannot make a positive difference in the future of anything
if you choose not to get involved.  And, so it is with the Amiga platform.
Please get involved.  Express your feelings and concerns via letter, fax
and e-mail to the parties previously listed.  But, that's not all. Help
spread news of this campaign to Amigans all over the world via Internet,
Usenet groups and commercial online services.  Your positive efforts
combined with those of others throughout the world  will help change the
future of the Amiga platform for the better.

P.S. It doesn't hurt to be clever when sending your messages of concern.
Afterall, you are competing with many other "messages of concern."  It is
easy to be overlooked.  That is why after sending letters and faxes to ABC
News and not getting any feedback, I decided to do something quite
out-of-the-ordinary. I decided to send flowers to Deborah Amos of ABC News
"Turning Point."  This time I got feedback in the form of a personal phone
call from Deborah Amos.  But, that's not all. She also gave me the
opportunity to plead my case for a news investigation of Commodore.  So, if
by chance, you don't get any feedback from your messages, try sending
flowers.  The results may surprise you.