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%% CIS Talk - Information on the Commodore US Auction and varied bits   %%
[AR Warning: Not all of this information is confirmable as fact.  Some of
it is rumor, and rumors can be false.  Be careful when talking about it-
try to understand the context.]

#: 163038 S3/Hot News and Rumors
    09-Sep-94  08:37:35
Sb: #162960-#C= Toronto Sale
Fm: Dale L. Larson/IAM 76702,654
To: Jim Butterfield 73624,14 (X)

I just got back from my second day in West Chester for the auction.
I'm exhausted.

I talked to Alex Amor and Dave D. from CEI, Ed Goff (attorney and
former(?) board member of Commodore), and other people who know what is
going on.  Some (limited) discussion of the liquidation occured, and I
didn't find out anything new or suprising.  I still suspect it is not
going to happen within the next two weeks, and I wouldn't be suprised to
see it stretched out.

The furniture went for outrageous prices, but then, it does new, too.
Some of the nastiest most useless cubicles sold for hundreds of dollars
(for a one or two workstation setup).  The nicest cubes sold for thousands
of dollars per few workstations.

The test equipment went for outrageous prices.  Several of us (former
engineers) sat together.  The chip guys were laughing hilariously at some
things which sold for more than they would pay for new.

Some piles of Amiga stuff which would have required a semi to move, but
which were probably 10% good stuff, sold for a few thousand.  These piles
cost more to move than to buy, or they would have been good deals.  Among
some of that stuff were an A3000+, several pilot-production build A4000s
(with A3400 black faceplates), some A3000Ts, lots of A2000s, etc.

I didn't end up buying any Amiga stuff.

I suspect an easy $500,000 was raised.  There were many lots which went
for more than $25,000 (like test equipment) and there were 588 lots.  It
seems like the median was probably about $500.

Dale L. Larson             Intangible Assets Manufacturing (
"That's the best part about being crazy.  You see things no one else can

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#: 162992 S3/Hot News and Rumors
    09-Sep-94  02:34:48
Sb: #162946-CBM UK WINS!
Fm: Steve Ahlstrom/SYSOP 76703,2006
To: Dale L. Larson/IAM 76702,654 (X)


According to Pleasance (in an interview conducted Sept 6, to be printed in
the next ICPUG newsletter), a final offer from his group was presented to
the liquidators on the 6th, with a 10 working day expiration clause.

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#: 163060 S3/Hot News and Rumors
    09-Sep-94  11:46:47
Fm: Steve Pietrowicz/SYSOP 76701,250

The AmigaWorld hotline message was updated again today (9/8).

No official announcement has yet been made.

They say that they believe UK group is the front runner.  Pleasance made
an unconditional bid this week to (hopefully) speed up the process.  UK
group believes the whole thing won't be decided until at least the 15th.

IMPORTANT:  New updates will be on 603-924-2195 and *not* the 800 number.
AmigaWorld has received over 50,000 calls on the 800 line.   They expect
to have the new line operational next week, if there is new news.  The
switchboard will *not* be able to route your call through to this number.
This is a direct dial number only.

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#22 jcompton 8k
From: Andre Lackmann <>
Subject: More info for ya'll
Date: 11 Sep 94 19:37:42 EDT
To: ar-ed <>, rn <>


#: 163318 S3/Hot News and Rumors
    11-Sep-94  00:59:09
Sb: #163306-D.Pleasance Baffler
Fm: Dale L. Larson/IAM 76702,654
To: Mike Smith 76236,3042 (X)

Lew is a pretty reasonable guy.  He started off on the wrong foot, but he
was willing to learn and, given the constraints of the environment, he did
a pretty good job.  You've got to remember, though, that the real job of a
VP of engineering is more managerial than technical, and should be more a
matter of vision than of specification.

Entirely independent of the above, though, anyone speculating on Lew's
involvement in the future of the Amiga is probably overestimating it, for
reasons I can't go into.

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#: 163402 S3/Hot News and Rumors
    11-Sep-94  13:52:44
Sb: #163306-D.Pleasance Baffler
Fm: Jim Plant, Video Toaster 72242,1623
To: Mike Smith 76236,3042 (X)

Mike, According to Pleasance, Eggebrecht will not be returning. Some semi-
conductor company built him his own lab in Colorado (made him an offer he
couldn't refuse.)

Jim Plant

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#: 163414 S3/Hot News and Rumors
    11-Sep-94  15:01:15
Sb: #163290-#D.Pleasance Baffler
Fm: Steve Ahlstrom/SYSOP 76703,2006
To: Dale L. Larson/IAM 76702,654 (X)

Pleasance has been consulting some engineers ... to Scala's consternation,
some of the former engineers have been contacted by Pleasance to see if
they'd be interested in working for Amiga International.

Rumor mill says that CBM UK has recently placed some large orders for
harddrives and monitors.


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#: 163430 S3/Hot News and Rumors
    11-Sep-94  17:49:30
Sb: #163414-#D.Pleasance Baffler
Fm: Dale L. Larson/IAM 76702,654
To: Steve Ahlstrom/SYSOP 76703,2006 (X)

Calling someone on the phone and asking "hey, is AAA worth keeping, is
RISC practical, and are you interested in a job with AI?" isn't what I had
in mind.  Having a real plan with some kind of preliminary outline on
specs (generated by engineers) was more like it...

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#: 163420 S3/Hot News and Rumors
    11-Sep-94  15:46:26
Fm: Steve Ahlstrom/SYSOP 76703,2006
To: All

The following is the text of a fax sent to various folks by Electronic
Design (would someone like to enlighten me and tell me who Electronic
Design is?).  The emphasis is with the Euro market as the personalities
involved with this fax are European.

This fax summarizes a meeting which took place on Sept 5, 1994, one day
before David Pleasance gave his interview to John and Janet Bickerstaff
(the article based upon that interview was posted in the message base

--start Fax transcript--

Don't worry, be happy ...

Summary of meeting with Commodore UK, David Peasance and John Smith,
London 05-09-1994.

First of all: still no official decision on the new owner of Commodore.
However, no need to give up, since the following reasons for the
lengthening process of the Commodore purchase are clear and therefore
give hope.

The Situation
As already indicated a few weeks ago, Commodore UK has submitted a plan to
the liquidator of how to finance Commodore and to run the business.  This
draft plan was combined with a purchasing offer valid 10 working days

Commodore UK is the only bidder for the 'unconditional' purchase 'of
the whole of Commodore', which comprises the right to manufacture, sell
and market all present Commodore products and those in development. It
also includes the purchase of the assets of Commodore Canada and Commodore

The Problem
The plan submitted to the liquidator was based on the condition that all
stock in the Philippines would be available immediately after the purchase
of Commodore which would have meant quick availability of the Amiga again.

However, due to open bills for rent and other things, the Phillipine
government and other creditors have closed the whole building and watch
it with guards so the stock cannot be touched.

The Changes
Due to this unexpected problem, the whole plan had to be reworked. The new
plan was presented to the investors' lawyers on Monday, 050994 who
promised to approve the plan and immediately pass it on to the liquidator
in the US the same day. This new plan is again combined with an
'unconditional' bid valid for 10 working days, i.e. until 20th September.
A decision will be made - definitive.

Other bids like e.g. from Samsung only refer to certain parts of Commodore
like chipset, etc. for their own purposes.  This means that in case
Commodore UK will not be the new owner of Commodore, the Amiga will not
survive in it's present form and market position.

According to David Pleasance's -and our- opinion, the chances of Commodore
UK being the new owner are at 99.9%.

As soon as a decision in Commodore UK's favor has been made production in
Scotland will immediately be started, and as David's plans, from November,
A4000s, A1200s and CD32s, Full-Motion-Video will be available again. Just
for A1200s and CD32s there might be slight shortages before Christmas.

What plans does Commodore UK have ?
First of all: David Pleasance has a very good knowledge of the market,
a realistic view of the position of the Amiga in the market and has
both his feet tight on the ground.

In the first time Commodore UK will primarily focus on maintaining and
increasing the British market.  However David is also well aware of the
importance of the European and Australian markets.

Since for the next 12 months no subsidiaries are planned in the different
countries, David will appoint one or more distributors in each country,
making sure that no dumping prices, price wars or grey imports will be

David Pleasance will concentrate on establishing a dealer network of
competent, reliable and independant dealers.  The name for this system is
'ACE' - Amiga Center of Excellence.  In tight cooperation with hard and
software manufacturers, David plans to realize advertising and marketing
campaigns, to establish franchise dealers to build a tight and functioning
dealer network.

How about the future?
Most important: There will be a future.

The R&D team in Norristown does still exist and will be increased 3-4
times after the takeover to take up again the further development of
existing and future products.

The contact to the developers will be intensified, as well as the
cooperation with other manufacturers like Scala, Newtek, HP, Samsung etc.
by giving out sublicences, for example. David wants to be close to the
market basis to only produce what the market needs and wants.

Developer Conferences (DevCons) are planned to take place in the UK in
London and Software Developers will be on a hotline in the UK to give
support to all developers.

All this means that the Amiga Market will live once Commodore UK has
got the final decision!

--end Fax transcript--