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%% AmItalia: An assesment of the scene in Italy    By: Gabriele Peterle %%
%%                                       %%
This is a little report about how _I_ see the Amiga's situation in Italy.
I have no official sources or data, so these can be considered only my
personal opinions, closes or far the reality.

I am an italian boy, 23 years old and studing informatic engineering at the
Padova university.
I have owned an Amiga 500 since 1988.
It was expanded with 68030/882 33MHz accelerating board, 1 Mb chip ram,
2 Mb 32 bit fast ram, second floppy drive and KS 2.04 .
This kind of system is not always enough to run today's software (in parti-
cular with an hard disk the life would be easier) but it still allows me to
have a lot of fun.

As it was released, I've considered to buy a 4000/040, but it was not full
satisfying; the problems with the memory access, IDE, AGA only half step
enhancement over ECS (still 8 bit sound and no full 24 bit graphic) and last
the rumors around the AAA chipset, with its fabulous specs and performance,
make me (and I mean many others) wait.

Now is nearly 2 years I'm waiting!  :(

My opinion is that, if/when a new generation of Amiga will be released, we
will see here a strong demand, expecially for the high end models (surely I
will buy a 060 or RISC / AAA / SCSI 2 system).

The demand of high end Amigas can be explained this way:

Everybody know, Italy is a country of artists. In this particular case of
computer artists; a couple of these are Antonio Di Lorenzo and Eva Cortese.
Maybe they are'nt well know out of Italy (an animation by Eva Cortese called
"Bye bye blue" was on Aminet or Funet a year ago, but I can't found it now)
but here they have followers like Allen Hastings in USA.
All the italian Amiga magazines have more than half of the pages dedicated to
reviews, hints, tutorials, news about this argument.
Every year in Riccione (town near Rimini, famous for its beach), during the
Easter's holidays (end March-begin of April), there is an almost important
international festival of computer art called Bit.Movie, which has thousands
of visitors and hundreds artists (note that 90% of the works made with personal
computers are developed on Amiga !!).
So, what I need for computer graphic ? The italians answer:
    "An Amiga faster, bigger, more!"

Finally a overview at the general computer world in Italy.
The average italian computer user buys "MC microcomputer", a magazine with
80% PC, 10% Mac, 7% Amiga and 3% others coverage (I think that in reality the
percentages are 70%, 7%, 20 % and 3% respectively).
Also note that even here half of the (few) Amiga's pages are about computer
The sad reality is that this magazine makes disinformation about the Amiga and
consequentially the italians don't know this (awesome and better :) platform
(and Commodore Italy do nothing of course ).
As example, in an article of a 6 months ago issue, about the upcoming CD-ROM
and films-on-CD market, was made the names of CD-i (ok,but less than 1000 sold
in Italy), 3DO (ok, but less than _10_ in Italy, all imported from USA) and
finally (CD32 you say? NO!!!!) **Jaguar** (what??!!?? no CD-ROM, no MPEG, less
than _5_ in Italy coming from USA !!).

They did not mention the CD32 which uses CD-ROM, supports MPEG and is largely
available !!

Now I'm hoping in the resurrection of the Amiga to shut up those people !

Until that time the soul of Amiga will survive in me (and in all us, I mean).
(How a mystic phrase ! Maybe tomorrow I will create a new religion ! :)

If you have questions or comments (or you want to join my new religion :), send
me e-mail (or write an article for AR!).