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%% compt.sys.editor.desk                         By:  Jason Compton     %%

Unfortunately, I once again have to report that there really isn't much
of anything to report.  Business is going at its normal pace as of late:
slowly.  New products continue to be put out, but the entire market seems
to be in a state of suspended animation...waiting...waiting...

Amiga Report is committed to being one of the first, if not THE first
Amiga publication to announce the conclusion to this nonsense.  Of
course, we'll try to be damned sure that our source is accurate before we
go announcing it like fools...basically, if I receive a call from a
Commodore branch or a Commodore bidder, I'll print a rush-issue.  But
that isn't likely to happen just yet.

Interesting letters keep popping up, so quite a few grace this issue.

Incidentally, we DO now have detailed instructions for uudecoding, in
case there are readers who need a quick course.  Select the "Internet"
option from the bottom of the magazine's main menu.

For readers interested in contacting me directly: Amiga Report's main
office has moved.  My information-button (located above) reflects the
magazine's new address and voice number.  My E-Mail account remains
the same.  Because of the move, I haven't had a chance to set up any
provisions for fax, but I'll take care of that.  Hopefully.

Here's to hoping for a concrete solution in the near future...