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     2.2c (38.1266)


     Nico Francois


     ReqTools 2.2c - the requester toolkit library


     reqtools.library is a standard Amiga shared, runtime library.
     The purpose of ReqTools is to make it a lot quicker and easier
     to build standard requesters into your programs.  ReqTools is
     designed with Commodore's style guidelines in mind, all
     requesters have the look-and-feel of AmigaDOS Release 2.

     ReqTools features the following requesters:  a query requester,
     a string requester, a number requester, a file requester, a
     font requester, a palette requester, a volume requester and a
     screenmode requester.

     Also included are RTPatch (1.3) and RexxReqTools (1.2e):

     RTPatch is a small program that will re-route functions from
     most popular requester libraries to ReqTools.  Libraries
     currently supported are Arp, Req and Asl.  RTPatch will also
     patch some functions in Intuition to give you improved system

     RexxReqTools gives ARexx users easy access to a large family of
     requesters.  All requesters are easy to use; they require one
     or no arguments.  But the requesters also have a lot of power
     through several optional arguments and through tagstrings.
     RexxReqTools itself doesn't implement any of these requesters,
     it is a link between ARexx and ReqTools.


    o Since using VideoControl() to get the visible display clip only
      seems to work when the screen in question is the frontmost
      screen the rtGetVScreenSize() function now falls back to using
      QueryOverscan() for screens that are in the back (thanks to
      Dietmar Eilert for reporting this).

    o Changed method of filtering DOS devices that are shown in the
      file and volume requesters again.

    o Window size and gadget layout is now calculated in a sysihack
      compatible way.

    o Polish translation included.

    o Some small bug fixes...

HOST NAME ( [AmiNet]




     ReqTools22c_user.lha (user archive, no includes/libs/etc...)


     Shareware fee, US$25


     Shareware, Copyright (c) 1991-1994 Nico Fran=E7ois