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    GhostRider V1.0


    GhostRider (GR) is a new program for debugging and viewing/changing
    memory contents in hex, ascii and (dis)assembly form, independant of
    system resources, which "normal" debuggers rely on. This is in general
    known as a (hardware) monitor. GR features most "standard" functions,
    but also many things not normally found in this type of software.


    Name:       Jesper Skov
    Address:    (Check for snail address)



    GhostRider (GR) is a new hardware monitor written in pure assembler. The
    most important difference between GR and other monitors of this kind is
    that GR is build up from scratch - not a (simple) modification of some
    old CON-based monitor. Before starting this project I tried to figure
    out what single feature of a monitor is more important. Since a monitor
    is to be used by many different people, I decided that the most
    important feature would be the ability of configuration according to the
    user's needs. Therefore GR comes with a preference editor which will
    allow you, the user, to configure the "feel" of GR... See below for a
    list of some of the features in GhostRider:

    - Works on all (well, most :) Amigas; AGA, ECS, NTSC, PAL,
    - Does _NOT_ rely on the system to be around.
    - Fast screen handling.
    - Powerfull input parser, support use of symbols.
    - Copper-list locater.
    - System, NMI, reset (also GURU) & BreakPoint entry modes.
    - Text snapping/pasting with the mouse.
    - Full dis/assembler support for the M68k family (well, not the 'o6o).
    - "Standard" block dump as well as editor environments for
      disassembling, HEX-viewing, ASCII-viewing and Memory-Peeking (bitmap).
    - Memory hunt featuring; long strings, jokers (wildcards), NOT-data,
      case(in)-sensitive text hunt, branch hunt and PC-relative hunt.
    - Memory fill featuring; long strings and jokers.
    - Breakpoint support.
    - Full control of CustomRegister contents at exit.
    - Results from hunt/compare operations are kept in a buffer for fast and
      easy access.
    - Capable of resuming (some) interrupted commands.
    - Disk system with UN*X like parsing of path.
    - Includes system interface (ghostrider.library) which allow usage in
      your own programs (for easy debugging).
    - Full documentation in AmigaGuide format.


    GhostRider V1.0 contains following updates from version V0.32E:

    - GhostRider is now shareware - this release is fully functional.
    - Full configuration of screen mode (PAL/NTSC/MULTISYNC).
    - The disk routines using DOS (save/load/del/dir/cd) now use a UN*X like
      path parser.
    - GhostRider now run on _all_ tested Amigas (also the A4000/o4o).
    - Track display.
    - Disassembly speed improved.
    - It is now possible to change CPU register contents (d0-a7).
    - It is now possible to edit the code in the disassemble editor.
    - The (memory) size of GR has been reduced.
    - Many bug fixes and extra prefs.


    GhostRider should run on all systems, but the DeckRunner and Preference
    Editor require Kickstart 2.04+ (V37+).

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    The shareware fee is 100DKr/20$US/30DM. If you use this program I ask
    you to register.


     Shareware, Copyright ) 1992-1994 Jesper Skov.