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%% Review:  Micro R+D CD-ROM Volume 2               By:  Jason Compton  %%
%% Nature's Backdrop and NASA pics in a big pile...                     %%

Micro R+D's second foray into the CD-ROM market is all about pictures.
Specifically, the Nature's Backdrop series of 72 attractive, crisp,
professional-looking files.  To cap it all off, a large collection of
NASA pics is on here as well.  That's just about it, and it takes up
a lot of space.

Admittedly, a lot of the space is taken up by the fact that each
Backdrop picture is stored in framestore, IFF, TIFF, GIF, and JPEG
formats.  Essentially, just about ANYBODY can get at these, making
it a viable multi-platform CD-ROM.  To make it cater a bit more to
Amiga users, demos of Montage and Broadcast Titler are included.

What do I think?  The pictures are pretty.  There's no questioning
that.  For artists or video production personnel, this CD is a great
place to pull material from: the backdrops really look natural as they're
very well done.  The NASA pictures are of varying quality and
usefulness (there are quite a few of those "Crewman in EVA gear flyby"
pictures)  If this is the sort of thing you need, go for it.

Be wary of the price, however...I've seen this disc sell at a dealer
for over US$70, quite a bit more than the Volume 1 that was sitting
opposite it on the shelf.  If you want Nature's Backdrop with some
space pictures thrown in and value it highly, grab this.  If you're
just in the mood to see some pretty pictures, I can always send you
one of my fiancee.