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%% UK Crosstalk                                  By: Alan Buxey         %%
%% Our UK Correspondent starts a massive survey %%

Welcome, Amiga owner/user, to my first 'Amiga Report' column (though not
the first time that my words have appeared in this magazine - some of my
CD32 mini-reviews got here first..

I hope that you do own or use an Amiga - otherwise this weeks column
will be of no use to you at all!  Let me explain....

It seems that the first task for me here at AR is set for me already -
to find out exactly WHO I am corresponding to.

What do I mean by this then? Well, let me pose the simple question
"What Amiga do you own?". In the beginning, this would have been easy to
answer and forecast - as all Amigas were the same:
A1000 , 68000 , 256K, OCS, 880K floppy...

But not now....oh dear me no.. .

Arguements are continually brought up on the internet as to what the
current "average" owner has:
Is it 1MB or 2MB (and is that Fast or Chip RAM
ECS or AGA? Harddrive present or not?

But no longer!! For, coming soon, is

                "The 1994 Amiga Internet Survey"

The mother of all Amiga surveys! (and i Mean it! :) )

lets see exactly why this problem has to be answered..


A developer has a game. it may be an original Amiga title, it may be a
PC port (and theres nothing wrong with that!). Whatever, its a game and
it's to be released on the Amiga format.
        But the game has to be good, the developer doesnt want the game
to suffer from bad reviews - hence bad sales.
        The game _really_ needs a harddrive (it could fit onto 3 or so
floppies and have swapping - but some of the graphics and sound would
have to go. And the graphics have already been cut down from 256 colours
to allow the game to fit onto few floppy disks). Should the developer
just go for it - releasing a hardisk only AGA game - or maybe 2
versions, one a cut down version on floppy.
        But are there enough 020+ powered OCS/ECS machines out there to
cope with the polygons?

Now that you have a handle on the dilema, you can see the obvious
solution. tell the developer all the info he needs about the Amiga
platform / user base.

....and that's where I come in....


The survey will be extensive and water tight (well.... ;) )

The data-capture form is currently being designed - it leaves no stone
unturned ...or rather... it will do when finished - because this is
where YOU step in.

I want you to E-Mail me with questions that _YOU_ would like to know
about fellow Amiga users/owners. It could be such technical stuff as
what size harddisk they have <if any> (though THAT has already been put
on the form ;) ), it could be their favourite sport -> ideal question
for developers wanting to do a sport game...

....and talking of developers; many MAJOR Amiga developers have been
contacted about this survey and they too have put forward questions to
be asked about you!! 8-)

Developers such as Team-17, 21st Century, Almathera, Decandence,
Mindscape .... who all want to develop good titles that make the most of
the Amiga.

What about CD32?

CD32 too? Of course!! It _is_ an Amiga. And the survey is definately
going to be searching deeply into CDROM details -> an important step in
the Amiga life.

The End

Well, for you it is...all you have to do is E-Mail me some nice,
searching questions(which I hope you will do..)
As for me, I've got to finish the design of the form to make is as
simple and easy to complete as possible - post it out - and await all
the replies. I then have to analyse all the data. And, as the form has
been designed to allow for any question to be answered (within any
permutation hopefully) - THATS a lot of analysing! %-)

And there's the corresponding to do too!!
Its not an easy life here on the InterNet ;)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

CD32 Charts and Release Dates

The latest 'list'/'Gallup' chart for the CD32 places the top games as..

1.      Gunship 2000            Microprose
2.      Heimdall 2              Core design
3.      Liberation              Mindscape
4.      Ultimate Body Blows     Team 17
5.      Impossible Mission 2025 Microprose
6.      Global Effect           Millenium
7.      Wembly Soccer           Audiogenic
8.      Zool                    Gremlin Graphics
9.      James Pond 3            Millenium
10.     Morph                   Millenium

Hot products to look out for in the next chart (and predicted entries)

Simon The Sorceror  (1)
Banshee             (2)
Litil Devil         (4)

Will we see no end to Milleniums domination of the top 10????

Will Microproses success with the CD32 be enough for them to finally
release F1GP to the maddening crowd?

Only time will tell.....



Just some quick, rough'n'ready release dates for your CD32...

This month coming

Marvin's marvellous adventure           21st century
(who said that they were dropping the Amiga??)

Scavenger 4                             Psygnosis
(yeh, right - sure you dont mean next year THIS time lads? :) )

World Class cricket                     Audiogenic
(whey hey!! a cricket simulator - try THAT on another console! ;) )

Arcade pool                             Team 17
(great game! and this time, you'll feel like your IN a pub -> soundtrack)

Alien Breed Tower Assault               Team 17
(comes with FREE Alien Breed 2 and demos of other games!!)

Superfrog                               Team 17
(the wierd and wacky platformer goes onto the silver disc - about time too!)

Jungle Strike                           Ocean
(follow up to desert strike - liscence from EA only just agreed)

MegaRace                                Mindscape
(this game might make the 3DO owners wish that Road rash was even better!)

Pinball Illusions                       21st Century
(ANOTHER release from that hard working team! ;) )


The educational foreign language package - "Micro French" is to be
released for the CD32.

This marks the first real steps for educational packages on the platform
-> and will be followed by their other language courses.