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Response to the last issue's mini-survey has come in so quickly I've
decided to act on what I see so far.

So far, most readers seem capable of living with the biweekly format.
Some feel that AR loses its edge, since the longer the wait, the older
the news...others want a daily AR with a large Sunday edition, but that
won't QUITE happen any time soon.

But I WILL make a deal with you, readers.  AR will continue to be
released no LATER than biweekly.  But this issue isn't quite two weeks
after the last one.  There's a reason for that.  My "ar226" directory has
200k worth of material in it, and 200k is roughly the maximum size I can
put in an issue and still get the archive mailed successfully to users
with a 100k limit on E-Mail (long established as a safe range for readers)

So, here's the offer.  Fill my drive with articles, reviews, news, humor,
anything printable.  If my directory is at 200k, I'll do an issue as soon
as possible and send it out.  Otherwise, an issue two weeks after the last
is guaranteed anyway.

On the issue of selling selected hardware and software: almost all of the
respondents were either indifferent or enthusiastic about the idea.  A
handful dissented, either on ideological grounds (which I fully
understand) or with concerns about the "ads" taking up valuable magazine
space (which I also fully understand.)  So, I'll make yet another deal.

Everything I sell will be reviewed in the magazine.  As such, no final
decisions on selling an item will be made until I get a chance to review
it.  This way, there will be no hype for an item, just a reference to
an earlier AR for information.  The prices will be low and the ads will
be small.  They will also be in their own secluded section: a new menu
from the main, just like Columns and Features.  I can't make a better
offer than that.

Thanks to everyone who responded...I realize I didn't reply to everyone.
A major AR survey should be showing up in about a month.

Incidentally, be sure to check out Maxwell Daymon's massive G-Force 040
review.  It's even AmigaGuided for easy reading, which is, as far as I
remember, the first such review in Amiga Report.  If you like that
format...write a couple of reviews in it.

Enjoy the magazine.


P.S. The News section is rather large this time...quite a bit of info
in there.