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                              VENDOR SUPPORT

I have contacted GVP on a number of occasions for support on this and other
products.  When I was experiencing problems with the old 68040.library, I
was sent a new installation disk with the latest version at no charge.  GVP
has been responsive to the problems they are able to solve, but they have
not been able to help with the serial port problems.  I would like to see a
major maintenence release of the support software.

Some have complained that GVP no longer offers "live" tech support via
telephone.  I have never been all that fond of day-time long distance rates
and invariably being put on hold during such times.  Being able to fax
during low-rate hours is not so bad.  Although it's annoying to not be able
to just pick up the phone and call, it's not something that's completely
unacceptable.  Support is still free, unlike support for most products in
the clone world.  There have been times that it would have been very
convenient to call, but I have saved money on long distance and I'm sure
when I did send my board in for repair it wouldn't have been turned around
so quickly if they were answering "SysInfo says I don't have an MMU"
complaints all day.

GVP also has a support BBS with a large file base to download upgrades
from.  I called after I got my G-Force and discovered a new version of
ExpertPrep which I downloaded right away.