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                       LIKES, DISLIKES, SUGGESTIONS

This product really gave my Amiga 2000 a new lease on life.  I find myself
waiting when using a stock A4000.  With coupled with a third party 24-bit
graphics board, the G-Force turns the A2000 into a very serious performer.
The speed up when compared to a 28MHz 68030 is astounding and the fast hard
drive controller is like a breath of fresh air.

I was disappointed with the lack of consistency in the look and feel of the
software, the serial port problems (which may be a factor of the software),
and the inability to use much less expensive 16MB SIMMs.

I'd like to see GVP abandon their "custom" 64-pin SIMMs.  I'd also like to
see them improve the quality, reliability and consistency of their software
and read the Amiga User Interface Style Guidelines.  These points take a
lot away from an otherwise fine product.