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This product is somewhat of a Pandora's Box.  Part of the reason I
purchased the product was for the serial port which doesn't operate
reliably in my A2000.  The G-Force certainly does give an old A2000
workhorse some kick.  If you are interested in processing power for
general-pupose use, and Zorro 3 is not a concern, it's a fine product.

If you are interested in anything that might demand more than 16MB of RAM,
consider going into a different machine (like a used A3000, 3000T, or 4000)
along with an accelerator.  The reason for this recommendation is based on
the fact that the other products use industry standard SIMMs.  There is
really no excuse for GVP to continue using proprietary 64-pin SIMM memory.
High density 16MB GVP SIMMs can run you $1,200 per unit, as opposed to
~$750 for "standard" SIMMs, and they aren't mixable with 4MB SIMMs.  Other
systems offer much more RAM configuration flexibility.  If you aren't going
to go over the 16MB mark (at which point 16MB SIMMs will be needed), then
the 4MB SIMMs are reasonable enough that it's not much of a problem.

I give this product 3 of 5 stars.  If they released a RAM module for the
virtually wasted custom 32-bit bus that took 128 or 256MB of RAM via
industry standard 72-pin SIMMs, fixed the serial port, and released a
rewrite of the support software, I'd give it 5 of 5 stars.