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I have not tried any other 68040 boards in my Amiga 2000, but I have seen
other boards in other systems.  The fact that the G-Force uses custom
(64-pin) SIMMs is a blessing and a curse, but mostly a curse.  The primary
complaint about GVP custom SIMMs is price.  However, you are guaranteed a
certain part with a certain quality, precision, and warranty.  One 68040 I
tried for the A3000 had very loose, low quality SIMM sockets and the posts
of the sockets had to be "whittled" with a knife to get the "industry
standard" SIMMs to snap on correctly.  There are no such problems with the
G-Force.  In all, I would have preferred industry standard SIMMs, but it
wasn't enough to keep me away from this beautiful accelerator.

There are three competing boards that I know of:

* Zeus '040 from Progressive Peripherals & Software (discontinued)

* Fusion Forty from RCS Management

* Magnum 40/4 from CSA

The Zeus is an overclocked board (28 instead of 25, and 35 instead of 33).
The problem with overclocking is that it shortens the life of components
and can cause problems not immediately obvious, but with disasterous
results later.  Since PP&S is out of business there is no easy way to get
the board repaired when the board does break down.

I don't know very much about the Fusion Forty except that it uses some sort
of custom boot ROMs that must be upgraded to use various operating systems.

I have never seen the CSA Magnum 40/4 and was not aware of its existence
until just recently.  I guess that says something about advertising.  ;-)