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The serial port in itself seems to be a bug.  It is very picky about almost
everything.  I have never gotten it to work reliably with any device, and
rates above 38,400 are almost always trouble.  GVP sent a replacement
board, but nothing much changed.  It seems almost as if the software driver
and support utilities for the serial port were about 90% done and never
"polished up." The preferences "GVPSerial" and "GVPIOcontrol" seem to crash
depending on phases of the moon and although they have a 3D look, they do
not look like OS2.x/3.x gadgets.  GVPSerial's gadgets all have double thick
borders and the text is topaz 8, while GVPIOControl has gadgets that don't
invert properly with more than four colors and the cycle gadgets don't look
like standard gadgets.  I expect more out of a high end product.  I expect
more consistency and more stability.  Since OS 2.04 or higher is required
anyway, I don't see the point in using custom routines and gadgets.

The 68040 has the potential to be very incompatible with older software,
even moreso than the 68030.  This is not a bug, but a side effect of the
features of the 68040.  If the 68000 fallback mode is unacceptable and you
want to run software that is having problems, try disabling the caches,
copyback, bursts, VBR and SSP relocation, and FastROM (relocation of
kickstart in 32-bit memory for enhanced speed).  This will make it as much
like a 68000 as possible without falling back.