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AUTHOR & AUTHOR'S ADDRESS (inquiries, registration, technical support)
        Udo Schuermann
        6000 42nd Avenue, Apt. 405
        Hyattsville, MD 20781-1518


        KingFisher 2.1, the successor to the popular KingFisher 1.40,
        a disk catalog tool originally aimed at Fred Fish's Amiga
        Library collection, but now capable of a more general purpose
        format, real multi-user capabilities, and a lot more.

        KingFisher began as a tool to catalog, maintain, and search
        Fred Fish's AmigaLibrary disks ("Fish Disks.")  It has been
        redesigned into a multi-purpose, multi-user, multi-database
        cataloging tool capable of delivering detailed information on
        software using Fred Fish's new Product-Info Specification.  As
        such, it can be used to catalog not only the Fish Disks, but
        your club's selection of software, as well, even the contents
        of Aminet itself.

PRE-RELEASES (KingFisher 2.0)
        Pre-release versions of KingFisher 2.0 have been available
        since March on Fred's FreshFish, FrozenFish, and GoldFish
        CD-ROMs, but only now has the program achieved the envisioned
        set of features that make a first public release feasible.

        KingFisher 2.1, the product of nearly 20 test releases over a
        beta test period of three months, offers some of the following
        capabilities (features marked with {*} are new or
        significantly improved over the older KingFisher 1.40):

        {*} -   Fully resizable GadTools interface operating on the
                default public screen; uses the default screen font
                (even if proportional) for all menus, gadgets, and
                displayed text.

        {*} -   Multiple copies of KingFisher 2 can operate
                simultaneously, using a minimum of additional RAM
                overhead through the use of Client-Server technology.

        {*} -   Multiple copies of a supplied program, RexxFisher,
                provide ARexx ports at the cost of approximately 25K
                per client.  This contrasts sharply with achieving the
                same goal with KingFisher 1.40 where the cost was 350K
                for a complete, secondary copy of KingFisher.

        {*} -   Supplies any number of independently accessible
                databases to multiple clients (such as KingFisher,
                RexxFisher, etc.)

        {*} -   Search Sets can be built (as well as saved and
                restored) to select from a list of matching software
                that a previous search produced.  Matching records are
                listed and can be selected for instant viewing through
                a standard listview.

        {*} -   Any number of search expressions are memorized by
                KingFisher 2 and can be recalled at the press of a
                button to save typing.

        {*} -   The layout of information used for the display,
                printing, and exporting can be re-defined to suit
                individual taste or need.

        {*} -   Uses locale.library and comes supplied with Dansk,
                Deutsch, Nederlands, and Suomi language catalogs.
                More are expected.

            -   Context sensitive and fully integrated AmigaGuide(R)

            -   Includes a complete, ready-to-use database of
                descriptions for Fish Disks 1-1000!

        RAM requirements are less than for KingFisher 1.40 and merely
        a fraction thereof when multiple copies are run: approximately
        200K.  Also required is Kickstart V37 (2.04) but V38 (2.1) is
        required for localization.

        Tested with 68000 through 68040 CPUs, V37, V38, V39, and V40
        system software, Picasso II graphics board.  Enforcer and
        Mungwall used during testing.

     Any AMINET site such as:  ftp.wustl.eduinet:


     KingFisher21.lha (759K)

        KingFisher 2.1 is shareware and costs $20(US) or DM30.  A
        registration site in Germany is available for European users.
        The unregistered version is limited to two simultaneously
        running clients (KingFisher or RexxFisher.)