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%% Micro R+D CD-ROM Volume 1 Review                 by  Jason Compton  %%
%% A collection of varied and sundry... %%

One thing they didn't spend a lot of time on at Micro R+D was the title
of their CD-ROM line.  That's just fine.

Based largely around 3-d objects and fonts, with a healthy (actually,
rather huge) collection of pictures, some utilities, and even books
and literary works from over 20 authors (Ever want to read The Scarlet
Letter again in its entirety?).  Thrown in as an afterthrought are
some games and sounds and a dozen or so all, the disc is
over 500 megs of material, capped off by Transition, the picture
format processing program from DarkSoftWare.

So, what's good and bad about this CD?  The manual to Transition has
been recreated in the CD jacket, but unfortunately hasn't been edited
to take out things like hard drive installation (it can be run directly
from CD).  The CD is non-bootable, which isn't tragic to many people,
but for CD32 users it can be annoying to be denied access so summarily.
(SX-1s help alleviate the problem, but you STILL need 3.0 from somewhere.)
Since Transition requires 4 megs to run, though, the question is academic
to stock CD32 users.

I like it.  At times, it seems a bit too cluttered with too many directories,
but there ARE some rather conveniently placed indexes along the way.  The
assortment of Lightwave and Imagine is formidable, and many of the goodies
on the disc are LHA compressed...irritating again for CD32 users, but it
means you're at least getting your money's worth in filled space.
Besides, you can't beat free books.

There are all sorts of interesting goodies...many look like they've been
taken from Aminet, like the directory of IRC pictures.  Some early
Eric Schwartz animations are here.  There's even two copies of
GuitarSlinger if you REALLY love that mod.

It's always tough to review a CD-ROM like this...the best advice I can
give is this: if you want some 3d objects and a load of pictures heaped
with a helping of utilities, a few games, and an image conversion
program (a rather flexible one at that), then by all means, pick up
this CD...after all, Transition alone retails for US$40.

Micro R+D                Phone: 800-527-8797/308-745-1243
P.O. Box 130
721 'O' St.
Loup City, NE  68853