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%% Emulation Rambler                                  by  Jason Compton  %%
%% News updates from the Rambler          %%

Just a few notes from the past couple of weeks...

Emplant 4.7 is out.  Jim Drew told me he's made major changes and
improvements to the sound-handling code.  I haven't had a chance to get a
hold of it yet, however.

Apple_2000 1.2's release is imminent, and will pretty decidedly be the
last release of the emulator.  Kevin Kralian (interviewed in the last
AR) called me up to let me know how things were going.  He's landed a job
with a software development company and is currently working on the Sega
Saturn.  His message, other than to tell me that 1.2 is coming out in a
week or so?  He has "no regrets" for moving off the Amiga.

Maxwell Daymon has taken over the review of the GG2 Bus+ (once known
as the GoldenGate II) seemed like a good idea, since I've got
plenty to do these days being Editor and all.

I'm still looking for fresh emulators...although it is worth mentioning
that I've received a copy of the new AGA-only Spectrum emulator, but
have yet to give it a go on my CD32.  (why it's AGA-only, nobody is
quite sure).  I'll keep you posted.

It IS worth mentioning that I received the same postcard that Emplant
owners got, inviting me to pre-order my copy of the Emplant PC
emulation module.  It's ALSO worth mentioning that, despite the fact
that someone requested that I be allowed to see the emulation to
reassure users that it exists, Drew has told me I have to wait until
the module is released.

The wording on the postcard is favorite part is "How soon?
SOON!", the only date on the card aside from the postmark.

More news to follow in a couple of weeks.  Keep the emulators warm.