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%% NewTek and Commodore News                   by Douglas J. Nakakihara  %%
%% More news is more news                   %%

NOTICE: This is the originally submitted text for an article that
appeared in the Aug 8, 1994 issue (#126) of MICROTIMES magazine.
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NewTek and Commodore Update

    Just by chance, NewTek was working on their next promo tape
close to where I work and I received a surprise invite from NewTek
Marketing head Donetta Colboch and Toaster trainer extrodinaire Lee
Stranahan.  I also finally met NewTek president Tim Jenison and his
wife Leslie.  Everyone was extremely nice and I hope I don't end up
on the proverbial cutting room floor.

    With some help from Brad Peebler, while at the studio I had a
chance to really play around with the Flyer.  Now I know where the
name came from.  The hand-made prototype board I saw had three PC
board fans mounted on it and two PC box fans balanced on the edges
of the opened A4000's case--any minute it was about to take off!  I
don't want to say too much about it now, other than it is an
awesome product.

    Lightwave 1.5 should be shipping by the time you read this,
both in standalone and VideoToaster upgrade versions.  There are
several improvements, most notably the new Metaform feature that
can help you literally turn a 2-D rectangle into a beautiful 3-D
sports car in minutes.

    At the L.A.  Video Toaster Group meeting, Jenison spoke and
provided some frank information on the future of the Amiga.
According to Tim, two of the bidders are Samsung and a group headed
by Jim Dionne, the former president of Commodore US.  Dionne knows
the Amiga and it would be wonderful to have him at the helm.  Tim
also indicated that the bankruptcy trustees have made it clear that
buyers must promise to get Amigas in production as soon as
possible.  NewTek seems to be totally confident that the Amiga will
survive and that ample supplies of machines exist until production
can resume.