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%%  ShaREview:  Pete W. Storonskij's Works      By:  Jason Compton       %%

Reviewed:  Mangled Fenders, Incinerator, Checkers Conquest

About a month ago, Mr. Storonskij sent me three of his shareware creations.

I played them and played them, but kept putting off reviews.  Here they

Mangled Fenders is a demolition-derby style car game: a bash-up to the
death (well, to the explosion) of six vehicles, which can be controlled
in a wide variety of ways if you've got a bunch of friends over dying to
get in the action.  The better you do (i.e. blowing up later in the match,
or winning outright), the more money you get, and there is an assortment
of upgrades for your vehicle.  Power-ups appear on the playfield while
the cars are bashing each other up, which, along with the fast gameplay,
give Mangled Fenders an arcade feel.

There is a rather important detail missing from the spartan documentation,
though...apparently, demolition derby drivers back into their opponents,
because driving head-on at them is more likely to damage you than them.
This becomes painfully obvious as you land blows, hoping to take out
your opponent, only to watch your damage meter get worse...

The graphics and sound are functional and give enough atmosphere to the
game to make it playable, but are far from revolutionary.  Overall,
a good deal for the money, as Storonskij doesn't ask much.  Fun is the
operative word here, and it IS fun to slam into other people.


I didn't have a lot of luck with Incinerator.  Essentially, it's like what
Missile Command would be if you could shoot back at the other guys in
turn, much like a strategy game.  The graphics are 3D, and are not bad
for a $5 shareware fee.

My main problem with the game is that it seems to play itself no matter
what I do (and no, I'm not watching a demo!)  I'm not surprised that I
can't find more info in the documentation, as there's only 4k of it..

This idea could have grabbed me if I had the faintest clue what was
going on.  It's tough to find out, though.

Checkers Conquest:

A very, very pretty game.  Seriously.  Even if you're not a checkers
freak, this is a worthwhile program to take a look at.  The board
and pieces, while 2-D topdown view, are very pretty.  The game has
just about every feature a Checkers match can have and is pleasant
to the eye at the same time.

Of course, it's not an innovative concept, but the implementation
is very good.  For a lousy $3, if you play Checkers at all, you owe
CC to yourself.

The Upshot:

Pete has put together some decent games at a combined price better
than attending most amusement parks.  What more can you ask for?

If you want to contact the guy, here he is...

Pete W. Storonskij
200 "A" Street
Lincoln, Nebraska 68502