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Just in case Creative Computers was starting to breathe a sigh of

To all of you out there who love the Amiga and would like to hear about all
the ups and downs about mail ordering. We all know we can save lots of monies
by mail but, the question here is how much and is it worth the savings? Well,
of course it all depends on who you order from and whether or not their service
is any good or not. I would like to say at this time that for a lousy $5.00 to
$10.00 savings that sometimes it is not. The reason I say this is, I have dealt
just dealt with CREATIVE COMPUTER and boy was it a mistake! At least for the
service and the time consumption. Nevertheless, the thought of loosing $160.00
I have read the past article about Creative Computer in this Report but, it was
a little too late. So, I figured I'd add to the comments about Creative Computer
and let you all out there know what I just went through.

               I just a couple weeks ago ordered a DKB High Density Floppy Drive
for my Amy and received it next day delivery. I then installed it and had some
problems with it recognizing HD floppies. No problem with 880k or 720k IBM how-
ever, I called Creatives technical support and they said it was a defective
drive that I would have to send it back. So, I was questionable about his reply
and ask if, he had DKB's phone number. He said yes and gave it to me. I gave DKB
a call and explained everything and I was told the same thing, Send it back.
O.K. I replied. I called up customer assistance at Creative and asked for a R/A
(return authorization) and they gave it to me knowing that this item was being
sent back for a replacement due to defect. I sent it out Next Day UPS and at the
time I was doing this I had been talking to my friend Mark Davidson whom is an
authorized distributor of this report and magazine and he made a comment to me
about sending it along with an A.O.D. form. This way they, Creative Computer
that is has to sign for it when received. He had told me this based on the fact
of reading the last article that was based on Creatives service and reputation.
I took this very seriously and thank him alot for filling me in on this. That's
I decided to read the report myself. Well, since I had sent it out next day UPS,
I figure that after a week I should be able to call them and ask them if, they
had received it and about when will I receive the new one. So, I called and I
was told that he had to call me back in a half hour. ???????? was going through
my mind saying, here we go just like the last article says about their reputa-
tion. I waited a little over an hour and got no call. I called back! I talked to
a different person this time and they told me it hadn't been received yet???????
Now, how or what would you be thinking after hearing about their reputation? I
told this person that they were full of shit and that I had sent it out next day
air and they gave me a crock of shit about Well, sir it is in UPSes hands and
are the ones that determine when we get it. I said at this time, that i wasn't
about to listen to anymore excuses and that I will be calling UPS myself and
will soon return a third call. I called UPS at this time and they told me why,
certainly Mr. Rizzo, your package was delivered ontime next day at 9:00 a.m. and
signed by a person by the name of Hernandez! Bamm! now, all I had to do is call
Creative back for a third time and let them know what I know. I called and now,
I got another person whom I told everything that was going on and she said, that
she would be happy to resolve this matter but, it would take her about an hour
and a half! I said, Why the wait? She told me because she had to check the ware-
house for the package. I again said o.k. and waited for 2 hours! You know what?
I had to call a fourth time because I didn't hear from her. I called again, and
asked for this person since I asked for her name prior to calling her back. She
was now nowhere to be found but, the person who answered asked if, I would leave
a message and she would be sure that the other woman would call me back. She
said at this time could she help and I said listen.... I just spoke with 3 diff-
erent people there at your office and have been doing nothing but, wasting my
time and will not take anymore of this run around. I explained to her everything
from the very first call to technical support up to right now. She said for me to
hold on she will try and locate the other woman personnally for me. I waited
probably 10 mins and finally got through to the other one who was going to check
the warehouse for me. She now tells me that the package has arrived and that,
they didn't have another one in stock!!!!! Of course you don't I said! Could
you imagine that. She said she would put me on priority backorder so that, as
soon as they got another one in I will receive it. Well, who knows when this
will be but, I'll leave a comment in this report as to how long it takes to
receive it for further reference. Maybe this will help all you out there who
might have any questions about Creative Computers reputation and service. I hope
this has been an interesting article and hope noone has to go through with what
I just did. Please, whoever has any questions or comments themselves about
Creative or any other computer mail order store, leave your gripes or questions
on the T.B.P. Video Slate BBS (201) 586-3623. Comments will be listed on the
next issue of Amiga Report and questions could be answered by myself by leaving
me E-Mail. I am a member of this BBS and a friend of the Sysops. My name is
Russell Rizzo and am listed as that on this BBS. If, I couldn't answer your
questions I'm sure someone else could.:-)

                                                     -= Russell Rizzo =-
P.S.      Thanx for reading and hope this helps!

A quick set of reactions to the SX-1...

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Here is a mini-review or a letter-to-the-editor depending on how
you want to use it.


Here are several other points about the SX-1 that I haven't seen in
other reviews along with a few reiterations.

The SX-1 case design should violate the warranty ;-)
It appears to be designed without knowing what it is was going to be
connected to. Paravision should add supports to relieve strain on the
edge connector immediately. I see two ways to do this. One is to simply
add a long thin strip of metal to the bottom of the SX1 case that extends
under the CD32 case. This fix could be done at home, but really should
be done at the factory. It is not a perfect fix either, since it doesn't
activate until there is already some stress on the connector. There is a
notch on the Cd32 case that appears to serve a similar purpose, but the gap
is so big between the cases it doesn't help much, and it is only on one side.

The second way would have to be done at the factory. The card that joins the
SX-1 to the CD32 and FMV should have a molded bracket that bolts to the
provided hole on the back of the CD32. This bracket could have a latch that
would integrate with the SX-1 lid so that a quarter turn would quickly
disconnect the SX-1 for removal. Although more expensive then the first
solution, it would would provide more positive strain relief.

The SX-1 does work with the FMV, and allows you to play movies on your rgb
monitor. Since my monitors are in one room and the entertainment system is
in another, a quick disconnect feature would be nice. I plan on placing
the SX-1 mouse and keyboard in the computer room so I can parnet to my 4000,
but I need to easily move the Cd32 to the home entertainment center for watching
movies with friends.

I've added a 4Meg simm module, and a floppy drive, and so far the power supply
has held up. I haven't hooked up a hard drive yet for two reasons. One, I don't
have a bigger power supply, and two, There is no scsi connector yet.
I have a dataflyer scsi 270 meg drive, but according to Expansion Systems
the IDE to SCSI cable they have has to be redesigned to fit the SX-1. They said
they were working on it, but had no release date. Paravision did provide a hole
in the case for the SCSI connector.

Richard Norman
REd kNight


  Expansion Systems SCSI+ works with the SX-1.  There are currently two problems:
  cable length sometimes becomes inconvenient (too long for the SX-1), and the
  board does not function without an IDE drive attached.  ES is working on the
  second (may have it fixed by the time I write this).  The cable length may
  or may not be solved by pack-ins from the company.

Subject: Flames...

Hi Robert,

Ignore all that those guys said about getting updates.
I for one, appreciate getting word what's going on.
You're providing a great service for us here, and I'd hate to see that
jeopradized by a few people that can't control the the path from their brain
to their fingers.



  Thanks for the support.  Since I can see the dispute from both angles, I
  think my compromise will be enough.  Of course, it would be ideal if I
  never have to give updates again...

And now, the sort of mail that makes AR really worth doing...

From: (Joshua Wingell)
Subject: Amiga Report is great!

There has been a lot of talk on Usenet lately about the incredible shrinking
Amiga World and how Amazing Computing stays in business (How do they?).

While all this talk was going on, I realized that neither of these two
magazines is what I really look forward to.  The one I really enjoy reading and
anticipate each weekend is Amiga Report.

Amiga World is good for the advertisements and features, and Amazing Computing
gives good in depth tutorials.

But the one magazine that really gets on top of things is Amiga Report.  The
Emulation Rambler, the Amiga News, and the Editor's column all grab my
interest and keep me reading.  As well, the reviews of current hardware and
software are excellent!

Does anyone remember the monthly ".info is great!" letter that was always
publihed in the late great .info magazine?  Well, I would like to start a new
tradition...the weekly (soon to be bi-weekly) "Amiga Report is great!" letter.
These guys deserve the praise for providing such a wonderful service to the
Amiga community!