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%%  D.A.S.MP Registration Competition!              By:  Pauli Porkka    %%

    W I N  a FREE registration (key.file) for D.A.S.MP!!!!!

    Three (3) key files will be given away. Registrations are for
    D.A.S.MP which registration normally costs 15 USD, 20 USD or
    25 AUD. D.A.S.MP is a moduleplayer, newest version 3.3
    is found in aminet/mus/play/DMODP33.LHA.
    You can enter to three different areas of "competition" which are:

    1. Suggestion/idea for D.A.S.MP. Something new which is not available
        in any released module player (preferably something usefull).

    2. Mention 3 module formats you would like to D.A.S.MP to support in
       the future. (Already supported are not valid)

    3. Enter a usefull arexx script which utilizes D.A.S.MP.
       (The example scripts released with DASMP and only
        slight modifications of them are not valid entries.)

    For every area of contest one name will be drawn from the hat
    and key file will be delivered to the winner.


    Entries will be accepted from 12th August 1994 (12/08/94) to
    10th September 1994 (10/09/94) via postal mail or e-mail.
    (If your entry was delivered through postal mail and the
    stamping date is 10th of September or less then it doesn't
    matter if the envelope gets delivered after 10th of Sep..)

    You have to state the method of key file delivery: either e-mail
    uuencoded (you will ofcourse need a valid e-mail account for this
    one) or via postal mail.

    Valid entry WILL have to contain name of the participant,
    postal mail address and e-mail address (if available).

    You can enter to one, two or three different "contests". If you win in
    one "contest" and you have entered others then your name will not be
    drawn again.

    Results for this little "compo" will be available in usenet in area
    comp.sys.amiga.misc and after 20th of Semptember.

    Already registered users will not get drawn unless they specify
    an other person and his/her name, mail & e-mail to whom the
    key file will be delivered instead of the actual participant.


    Easiest thing to do is to fill out following and mail it to me.


    Entry for the D.A.S.MP "Win the key file" contest:

    Name of the participant:

    e-mail address:

    1. Suggestion idea:

    2. Supported formats:




    3. Arexx script using DASMP:
       (Uuencoded (lha/other) files and pure ascii scripts are accepted)

    Mail the form to:



    Pauli Porkka
    Innalantie 5D29