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%% compt.sys.editor.desk                              by  Jason Compton  %%

Welcome back to Amiga Report!  Again, thanks to everyone who has stuck
with us through this bizarre summer.

I'd like to announce a few things.  First, Michael Wolf joins AR as its
new European Editor, and Alan Buxey has the newly-created honor of being
AR's UK Correspondent.  Hopefully, the pair will get cracking and write
something relatively soon.

Once more, the Amiga community sits around waiting.  It's really
getting a bit infuriating.

David Pleasance continues to make himself the most-talked about man in
the Amiga community, taking the top spot previously shared between Irving
"Sold a bunch of CD32's at $90 apiece because they were his loan payment"
Gould and Medhi "Why are you calling me, you idiot?" Ali.  Most of the
talk is either rehashes of his recent statements (he sent a letter to
dealers outlining his plans) and his interview in the latest Amazing
Computing.  The rest tends to be speculation, and while not all of it
is positive, the "David Pleasance wouldn't know the truth if it bit him
on the ass" comments have subsided.

In an attempt to stay on top of the news, this week's AR contains his
most recent letter printed in CU Amiga, in which he tries to dispel the
rumors that his plans included the death of the 4000 and the holdup of
future development.

Amazing Computing's interview pulls out some rather interesting points...
from the way the conversation went, Pleasance sounded (to me) as though
he would be happy as can be if he could do great business in the UK
alone...just about every reference to North America had to be dragged
out by the interviewer, AC Editor Don Hicks.

Of course, all of this is meaningless if Pleasance and crew are not
successful.  Who does that leave?  By most accounts, Creative Equipment,
Samsung, and Amstrad.  Still no word from Samsung or Amstrad, and
CEI is still serious and is waiting for more word from the liquidators.

Amiga Report will do its utmost in the upcoming weeks to secure and
distribute information to you.  In the meantime, it's worth mentioning
that AC plans to interview other interested parties in the Commodore
saga in upcoming issues.

However, let's pretend for the moment that the Pleasance/Proudfoot/
other unnamed associates buyout goes through.  Pleasance has made it
rather clear that the UK will be the center of virtually everything
except R&D (but WILL be the center of production).  What has not
been made clear is exactly how vigorously the other markets of the
world will be explored.  At times, Pleasance seems to communicate
that if he can sell his entire production capacity in the UK, he
will do so with no second thoughts.

This is unacceptable.  I suggest that anyone with ANY sort of contact
with Commodore UK, Pleasance, Proudfoot, CEI, Samsung, Amstrad, or even
can write to a magazine make it VERY clear to ANY interested party that
the Amiga community has suffered through selective and/or widespread
neglect for long enough and that it will not be tolerated under any new
regime.  Better to kill us quickly.

Enjoy the magazine, and try not to get too upset.