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    Physics Laboratory in Mechanics


    94-07-01 (Version number is the date of the release)


    Opportunity With Learning (O.W.L. Software)
    460 Summer Avenue
    Reading, MA  01867-3819

    Phone:  617-944-1745
    BBS:    617-942-7216


    Lori Vinciguerra (President)


    Physics Laboratory in Mechanics is a multimedia program which
    uses an experimental approach to teach high school level
    mechanics. Seven topic areas cover the concepts of Kinematics,
    Newtonian Dynamics, Statics, Universal Gravitation, Work & Energy,
    Impulse & Momentum, and Rotational Motion.  Each topic area has
    beginner, intermediate, and advanced level experiments for a total
    of 21 different experiments.  A laboratory notebook describes each
    experiment and allows the user to simulate the experiment with
    the computer.  The experiment can also be performed by using
    everyday objects found around the home.

    Physics Laboratory in Mechanics allows multiple users to retain
    data in computerized notebooks.  It also includes history segments
    explaining how the physical concepts were discovered, a math
    reference section, a units reference section, and a program to allow
    you to convert units to the MKS system of measurement.  A hall of
    fame with pictures of notable scientists will include an entry for
    the user upon completion of the entire set of experiments.


    Requires AmigaDOS 2.0 or greater, 2 MB of RAM, and a hard disk drive
    with approximately 4 MB of free space.


    $59.95 U.S.  (Add $3.50 for shipping within the U.S.)

    Can be ordered directly from Opportunity With Learning at the above


    Copyright, Opportunity With Learning, 1992-1994