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     MultiVol Mirror




     MultiVol(TM) Mirror makes a copy of or "mirrors" a file to one
     or more volumes as the file is being written the master
     volume. Any "file" that can be opened for writing can be
     mirrored, including the console/shell (input is also
     mirrored). Normally, you would map one master volume (e.g., a
     disk) to one mirror volume (or directory on the same volume).
     The full path to a real file is constructed on the mirrored
     volume(s), as well as file comments and protection.

     All you need to do is set up the mapping of master volume to
     mirror volume -- you can use MVM's drag and drop graphical
     user interface to do this -- and use MVM: before the name of
     the file to mirror (or in a file requester).  It's that easy.

     Using MultiVol Mirror (MVM), you can:

     * partially recover from accidentally overwriting a file
       (getting back an earlier version)

     * completely recover from deleting a master file and disk
       failures, to the extent MVM was used

     * automatically backup any file every time the file is written

     * transparently record shell or console input and output

     * safely use RAM as a fast disk

       With RAM specified as the master volume and your hard drive
       or diskette as the mirrored volume, you can edit a file in
       RAM, benefitting from fast loads of the file.  When you save
       it, it is placed both in RAM and on the hard drive/diskette

     * view the contents of any file as it is being written

     * map more than one master volume to more than one mirror


     * AmigaDOS/Kickstart(TM) 2.04 or higher


     MultiVol Mirror 1.0 and online hypertext documentation: $45.
        INTRODUCTORY OFFER (until Nov. 1, 1994): $30.

     All prices are in U.S. currency.

     Shipping/handling is $3.00 in the U.S., $5.00 elsewhere. WA
     state residents add 8.2% sales tax.  Terms are checks or money
     orders drawn on a U.S. bank and made out to AugmenTek. Sorry,
     no credit cards.


     3606 S. 180th St. C-22
     SeaTac, WA 98188-4339
     Contact: Stephen Rondeau
     Phone: 206-246-6077


     This is a commercial product, and is not re-distributable.


     MultiVol is a trademark of AugmenTek.