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      CatMake V1.18


      Rodja Adolph (

      Snail Mail until August '94 :
       Rodja Adolph
       Goethestr. 7
       40699 Erkrath / Germany

      P.O. box until AND after August '94 :
       Rodja Adolph-Wunderlich
       Postfach 105536
       40046 Duesseldorf / Germany

      Phone/Voice(/FAX/Data) : +49-210-4449859 ONLY until 1st of August


           The "other" way to catalogize your picture-libraries by
      creating new images containing smaller representations
      (thumbnails) of a number of source images e.g.  for use in BBS's
      or for raytracer's texture-libs.An ARexx script without fancy
      GUI,but with features that will allow you to fit all your
      needs.Very flexible and configurable if you really want it to.If
      not,then CatMake will suit you as well as it has meaningful
      default settings.  For the advanced user CatMake allows you to
      write and incoporate personal ARexx-Scripts and to control
      almost anything of what it can do.
           Prefs are stored in an editable ASCII-File with lots of
      settings that can only be edited there (as you wont really want
      to set them up every time you use CatMake...Give it a try ;-)


      Many new features compared to V1.0 !
      So many that it isnt possible to mention them here without writing
      a new docfile.
      Highlights include :
      - "Hooks" to implement external ARexx-Code at various execution points
      - optional headerstrings to entitle your catalogs
      - optional "ProccedOnError" will replace corrupt images with a special
        text-thumbnail showing a string (e.g. "Corrupted!") and leaving the
        filename to check the error after catalogizing
      - size and picturedepth may now be rendered under the filename
        (useful for catalogs with small thumbnails / long filenames)
      - custom order in addition to alphabetical sorting
      - Possibilty to call CatMake with argument line and thus running
        CatMake without ANY requester (except error-requesters) which allows
        you to fully automate catalogizing e.g. the bulletins of your
        Picture-BBS after any upload or so...
      - Wildcarding for in/excluding groups of files...Like *.info files from
      - (semi/full) Automatical recognition of LhAed and PowerPacked files
        with autodecrunching (LhA = first file)

      - AmigaDOS 2.0+   
      - Art Department Professional 2.2+ (better : 2.30 or later)
      - ARexx

      Aminet FTP sites (,, etc)




      ShareWare, $10 reg. fee. (5$ cheaper than 'the other one' ;-)

      Freely redistributable as long as archive is intact. All
      rights reserved. Not to be re-sold, except for duplication/disk
      costs ($4 max), or with written permission by the author.