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     Meeting Pearls Vol. I


     Angela Schmidt
     Klosterweg 28/I501
     76131 Karlsruhe

     and many others


          Meeting Pearls Vol I is a new CD for the Amiga, which is
     available at a price of 19.80 DM (about $13 US).

     Below follows a small list of some of the CD's contents:
          - About 150 Fractals with about 256 colors each in very high
          - Many Pictures of our German Amiga Meeting, with some texts
            about each picture, describing which persons you can see.
          - NetBSD for the Amiga, in archived form, but with a lots of
            very useful installation descriptions.
          - PasTeX, completely installed, additionally with fonts for
            Fax and 600 dpi printers.
          - Amok disks 98 to 106
          - Many, many installed programs, ready to click and run!
          - More than 40 MB of files from various CDs
          - DaggeX - ready to run
          - About 6 MB HTML pages
          - Many games, animations, sounds, ...
          The CD has an installation script which allows you to
     choose your favourite ASCII reader and your favorite universal
     picture viewer.  People with graphics boards can of course
     enter the viewer for their graphics card and view the pictures
     in high resolution in the many colors available to them.
          Some CDROM filesystems (at least the Commodore
     CDFileSystem) have problems if you choose a reader or viewer
     program which is contained on the CD.  In such a case, you can
     choose any reader or viewer program from your harddisk and
     everything should work fine.
          The installation script also allows you to copy some
     directories from CD to your harddisk.  Since the plain ISO
     filesystem cannot save Amiga protection flags or Amiga comments
     you can copy any directory with our installer script from CD to
     your harddisk.  The included script will recover those flags
     and comments after it successfully copied the specified
     directory tree.  Of course, this will slow down the copy
     process, but having original Amiga protection flags on your
     harddisk should be worth it.  i.e.  All those pure flags and
     script flags can be recovered.  This is probably the first
     Amiga CD with such a mechanism.


          Meeting Pearls Vol.  I runs on any Amiga with a working
     CDROM drive, but if you still have Kickstart 1.2 or Kickstart
     1.3, you will have some problems and a lot of programs
     contained on the CD won't run on your system.  We did our best
     trying to maintain compatibility but we do recommend at least
     OS 2.04 or greater.  We also recommend additional ram if you
     wish to view all those nice pictures on the CD.  But many other
     things will still work with 512 KB or so.  A graphics board
     also is very useful, but not required.


     Suggested retrail price: 19.80 DM (about US $ 13)

     Shipping outside Germany costs from 15 to 30 DM at GTI and
                                    from  8 to 25 DM at Stefan Ossowski
     Shipping  inside Germany costs from  6 to 10 DM at GTI and
                                    from  4 to  8 DM at Stefan Ossowski


Shipping already started! 

Available at:

    GTI GmbH
    Zimmerm|hlenweg 73
    D-61440 Oberursel
    phone +49 6171 85934
          +49 6171 85935
    fax   +49 6171 8302
    phone for dealers only: +49 6171 85937
    accepted cards: American Express, Diners Club, Euro Card,
                    Visa, MasterCard

    Stefan Ossowski's Schatztruhe
    Gesellschaft f|r Software mbH
    Veronikastra_e 33
    D-44131 Essen
    phone +49 201 788778
    fax   +49 201 798447


          You may make as many copies for private use and may also
     give them to your friends.  But you must not reproduce the CD
     and then sell it without the written licence of the author.


          The CDs low price was made possible by the creaters of
     this CD (me and some other people who are crazy enough to spend
     a lot of time and effort to make a cheap Amiga CD) who worked
     for free and did not request any money for the creation of this
     CD.  If you buy such a CD, you only pay the people who mastered
     the CD as well as the dealers.  You neither pay the authors of
     the programs nor the creators of this CD.
          Thus we, the creators of this CD, ask for a small donation
     from everybody who likes the compilation of the CD.  Nobody is
     forced to give any extra money.  Meeting Pearls Vol.  I is the
     first CD under the new concept of the sharecompilation.  If you
     want to get more information about this concept, you may get an
     information text from (, file
     /sharecompilation/info.txt, which tells you more about the
     sharecompilation concept.