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 From the Editor's Desk  Saying it like it is!
       Amiga News        News and Announcements
   A Letter from C= UK   Pleasance updates the masses
      Reader Mail        The lines buzz us!
    compt.sys.amiga      Compton comes back from vacation
   Across the Pond...    Michael Wolf reviews JPEG Motion boards
   About the Internet    Tiberio explains quite a bit
Interview: Mr. Liliegren Frederik Liliegren of Digital Illusions 
 Interview: Mr. Kralian  Kevin Kralian, author of Apple 2000
   Emulation Rambler     A64 Package V3.0, part 2
   EGS Spectrum 6.2      Tiberio checks out a 24-bitter
    graphicRECALL        A review of a multimedia package
       PhonePak          A voicemail/FAX setup for the Amiga
    Second Samurai       Second Samurai review, part 2
      Sidewinder         A look at Sidewinder's musical works
      AR Contest         Can't win if you don't play.
  AR Contest Solution    The solution to last month's puzzler   
      SX-1 Review        The CD32 expansion from Paravision
  Innocent Until Caught  IUC Review, part 2
     AR Wants You!       Suggestions for budding writers...