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%% compt.sys.amiga                                    by  Jason Compton  %%
%% Take a vacation...                     %%

I just got back from a vacation in Snowmass, Colorado, where I learned
that it really can get up to 95 at 8,800 feet elevation and the takeout
food is lousy.

Unfortunately, nothing momentous happened while I was away...I was hoping
the Commodore situation would be resolved (kind of like the old "watched
teapot" not boiling...)  Lots and lots of rumors, centralized around
"Samsung won the bidding!" and "Commodore UK won the bidding!"  No
official word, though, and that's what I'm going to rely on.

Duncan Fraser at Commodore Canada West had the same idea.  He even took
a week off.  When he came back, there was nothing new.

It's worth mentioning at this point that, so far as I can discern in
the US and so far as Duncan can discern in Canada, North America's
distributors are out of Amigas.  (BMD, CEI and another Canadian one
he mentioned top the list)

For this reason, Commodore Canada West will be closing, likely within
the week.  The employees are tentatively joining TVI, which shares the
office with C= Canada West.

I secured a couple of interviews for this week's issue.  They're both
with great guys, but unfortunately with great guys who are no longer
going to develop for the Amiga.  Grrrrrrr...

Will anyone please send me a transcript of Amiga User International's
tirade on me?  I sent them a letter months ago and they've apparently
decided to rip it to shreds publicly...

That's it for this week.  Check out our other features.