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From: (Magnus Thelander)
Subject: The Amiga in Europe by Celso Martinho.

   Celso didn't mention Sweden. In Sweden we have Stefan Boberg, author of LhA
and member of Team 17. We also have Digital Illusions, who are responsible for
the Pinball dreams, fantasies etc.

   Unfortunately, C= Sweden was closed down some time ago along with C= Norway
and C= Denmark. They were replaced by C= Scandinavia situated in Denmark of all
places. Sweden is the largest Scandivanian country, so it would be logical to
have the office here. but since when had logic meant anything to C= ;-)?


   True.  Incidentally, we have a review with the general manager of
Digital Illusions in this week's issue.

From: Luke Koops <>
Subject: Re:  the saga...

[In response to mailing list updates on the status of AR]

Not to be rude or anything, but I DON'T CARE!

If most people are blasting you with messages regarding where the magazine is,
I am sorry. But do you need to provide play-by-play updates?


From: Ryan Scott <>
Subject: Re: the saga...

agreed.  just want to see it in my mailbox or not in my mailbox.


   Because of this, I've come up with a limited-update policy.  Sorry
to have upset anyone.