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%% Amiga News                                                          %%

Commodore US has set up two new phone numbers:

610-666-2595 and 610-666-2728.

However, the person I talked to hung up on me after I asked her two
questions.  I haven't called back yet for an explanation.

Commodore UK's chiefs, Colin Proudfoot and David Pleasance, have
sent a widespread message.  While they do not claim to have
ownership of Commodore, the body of the message makes it very
clear that they intend to try VERY hard to acquire it.

All official channels are still silent on an owner.

Product announcements and news from Utilities Unlimited, taken from
a message from Jim Drew, CEO.

I have not had chance to work on much actually.  I met with IBM in Las
Vegas a few weeks ago to discuss the PowerPC emulation, and I meet with
Apple on the 9th of August to discuss the same (Apple just made an
announcement of this).  I have spent too much time with big corporations
besides IBM and Apple (wanting to be exclusive distributors for our
So, we are still working on finishing the 486DX emulation.  It is going
through a complete overhaul as we have found a way to make the emulation
use less CPU time with equiv speed results we are getting now.
We have finalized 'The EDGE', our video board.  It is 64 bit wide Cirrus
Alpine graphics processor interfaced to a Zorro III slot.  There are some
really nice features of this board... it is 100% backwards compatible,
meaning that we will be able to emulate the Picasso, Piccolo, and EGS
Spectrum video boards (run their software).  Also, since the Alpine chip
supports real video modes, the 8, 16, and 32 bit MAC video modes are
DIRECT... 640x480x32 realtime animation... 80 megapixels per second.
Retail price is tenatively set at $299 with 0K RAM (uses 72 pin SIMMs..
up to 16 megs... 4 required).
I just finished a new empser.device that supports hardware handshaking
and baud rates up to 921.6K baud (can you say networking), and I am
trying to finish up the empscsi.device.
I have hired an Amiga programmer, who is also a IBM specialist.  His name
is Mark Wignall and he was on the Techtronic's Phaser series printer
design team (firmware and such).  He will be writing the majority of our
PC utilities included with the 486DX emulations.
I plan on hiring several more Amiga programmers as we have quite a few
things planned for the fall, and I fear that my role as a programmer will
slowly fade away into the business end (rats!).
Oh, another goodie that I have finalized is called 'MEDIA'.  This lets
you use any type of floppy drive guts (including 2.88mb drives) with your
Amiga... Zorro II/III board.  Lets you read/write/duplicate any disk
format... no exceptions (yes, including 800K MAC disks).  No price set
yet..but I would imagine around $149.