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%%  graphicRECALL Review                          By:  David Tiberio      %%

I recently saw a demonstration of graphicRECALL, a multimedia package by
FOCUS Gbr. This package is a database and presentation system for images
and animations. I know that it might not have the same features as Scala,
but when you have to call specific images or anims on demand, this is the
best package to use.

Let's say you have customers interested in seeing your work. You have been
doing animations for a few years, and have a large database of your work.
You can use graphicRECALL to produce thumbnail animations (using Art
Department Professional) or playback full screen images on demand. Each
anim or image would be given search keys or comments, and you would ask
graphicRECALL to search for matching images or anims. Then it will
display all matching images and remap the palette to your desired display

Another use may be to display items that your company sells to clients.
For example, you might want to show off various cars that your auto
dealership sells, and play a short video of the car driving around. Or
maybe you want customers to be able to access your image database to find
the guy who mugged them last night, or to identify missing children.
graphicRECALL also controls VLAB systems, and grabs Toaster images. It
also works with the AirLink infrared device controller, allowing you to
control VCR's and other recording or playback devices. Audio support is
also included.

After speaking with some customers, I have learned that they are especially
pleased with the package and the support. FOCUS Gbr will custom design the
package to fit the needs of its customers, and supports various third
party hardware products. The author has assured me that it has been tested
on at least one graphics board, all though I will not mention its name
since it is not currently designed to be displayed on non-native Amiga
screens. graphicRECALL uses split multiple screens, while most graphics
boards do not support multiple screens.

I spoke to the author on the phone, and he mentioned that he was going to
be giving a demonstration tonight at his local Amiga user group meeting.
Unfortunately I was unable to attend since I had a dental appointment
(my first cavity ever!), but I will call him again to ask him how it went,
and maybe get some feedback from some of the others at the NYC AMUSE Amiga
user group. Maybe I can convince him to donate a copy for the Amiga Report
contest, and give one of our readers a chance to win another unique
package, but I won't know for sure until I pick up the phone and call him.
I'll clue you in on what happens, in one way or another. :)

graphicRECALL retails for under $100.

If you would like to find out more about graphicRECALL, contact Mark
Tiramani at FOCUS Gbr, (212) 826-1240, or email

As Edward Cayce might say, that is all for the present...