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%%  An Open Letter From Commodore UK                                      %%

Over the past few months the speculation about Commodore, and in particular
about the future of the Amiga, has been rife.

I would like to put "the record straight" so to speak, and bring you up to
date as to the latest position.

Our parent company, Commodore International Limited, and its subsidiary
Commodore Electronics Limited, are both in liquidation, under the
jurisdiction of the Bahamian Courts (C.I.L. and C.E.L. are both
registered in the Bahamas).

The liquidators, Delliotte Touche, are actively seeking to sell the assets
of both C.I.L. and C.E.L.

There are a number of bids in place for various combinations of the assets.
Colin Proudfoot and I, along with two senior executives of commodore
International (but not Mehdi Ali) have made a bid, which if successful
will give us the rights to manufacture, sell and market the whole range of
Commodore Products, past, present and future, on a world-wide basis.

We have raised the necessary finance and believe we will be successful
in our to purchase this business. If we are successful, we will give
priority to our core business, the UK and ensure that the loyalty that has
been shown to us will be rewarded.

Our budgets do include a significant level of advertising spoend, which
we will use to the very best effect.

The Amiga CD32, Amiga 1200, Amiga 4000 and CD 1200 will be produced and
sold during the Christmas period.  It is anticipated that if all goes to
schedule, we will be delivering product around the first week of November,
possible the second week.

It is our belief that by far the majority of retailers will be out of 
current stock by the end of September/early October, so there will
only be a short delay before new bundles arrive.

Rest assured, our plans include the best packs we have ever offered.

I know these are trying times for us all, but I give you my personal
word that we are doing everything in our power to ensure that not only
do we keep the Amiga family alive, but that we also lift the brand up
to its righful place at the top of the market where it belongs.

Thank you for your highly valued support, without which we would not have
a business worth fighting for.

Very best wishes


David Pleasance
Managing Director
Sales & Marketing