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%% Innocent Until Caught review                By: Jason Compton     %%
%% From Psygnosis             	      %%

I told you I'd get back to reviewing this game, it just took an extra week.

Now: On to playing it!

If you get past IUC's control system, you'll want to walk around and 
interact with the various people and objects around you.  The task of the
game is clear: pay off the tax bill you owe, or die.

So you need to raise some money.  Almost immediately, if you talk to the
right people, opportunities spring up and you find yourself smack in the 
middle of some puzzles to solve.  The puzzles themselves are, in general,
straightforward enough and often just require enough patience to try using
EVERY object on the one you're trying to manipulate.  It also helps to
pay attention to what other characters tell you to do, and to the fact
that Jack is an excellent thief.

The action is interspersed from time to time with cut scenes or snide
comments from Jack (upon passing a house of ill repute, he ALWAYS
says something), which can break up the incessant running around.

My personal favorite pastime is bothering the prostitute outside of the
first bar in the game...the dialogue is hilarious.

While all of this is going on, you'll be playing the game and noticing
something...the music gets really old really quick, and in-game sound
effects aren't exactly prolific.  The graphics, for being an ECS game,
aren't bad, but some rooms require you to pick up an object 4 square
pixels in size that is only on the screen about 1/3 of the time.  Not exactly
easy by any stretch.

I haven't finished IUC yet, but I'm going to try.  It's definitely worth playing,
as the plot is refreshing and so is the character interaction.  The game
rewards persistence by opening up borders more and more, which is
a feature that should bring even frustrated adventurers (like myself)
crawling back, wondering if the answer is in a room they missed somehow...

For a good storyline and plot, Innocent Until Caught is a must-have.
If you have a difficult time dealing with poor interfaces, though, you'll
go out of your mind within an hour of playing.