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     Dirk Federlein

     UUCP: (prefered!)

     Fido:   2:244/6302.12


     DFA is the ultimate address tool for you and the Amiga
     computer. DFA supports email addresses, dialing of phone
     numbers, grouping of addresses, different types of printing
     addresses, online help, application icon/window and much more!

     DFA has an Arexx port, font sensitive windows and can be fully
     directed by keyboard. Native languages are supported as soon
     as Workbench 2.1 (and above) is installed.

     Nearly every aspect of DFA is customizable now, so you may
     configure "your own" DFA.

     This is version 2.1, a minor upgrade to version 2.0.

     DFA is an SASG product! Shareware, binary only.


     DFA is an SASG product now. According to this fact you may
     enjoy all advantages that come along with the SASG. For
     detailed information, please see the registration/information
     programm that comes along with this distribution.

     The quite ugly, seperate toolbox is gone. Instead of this
     you'll find a beautiful gadget panel inside the DFAEditor main

     New "secret" mode for the status texts of the DFAEditor.

     French locale support

     Several bugfixes, especially the "bug" that caused DFA to
     crash on some systems (68000/Kickstart is removed. By
     the way this problem was caused by a bug in the


     DFA needs at least Kickstart/Workbench 2.04 to run.

     It takes advantage of the new features included in version 2.1
     (Locale  support)  and  uses even some features coming with OS
     3.0 if available.

     DFA is made to run on all all systems, starting with the A500+
     and ending up with the A4000(T).

     More than 512KB of RAM and a harddisk are recommended.


                                                DM        US$

     Shareware fee.............................30.00     20.00

     See documentation for additional information.


     DFA is NOT PD.  It is shareware.  The author keeps the
     copyright over the whole package.

     The public version of DFA (without the keyfile!) is freely
     (re)distributable, but noone is allowed to sell the program
     for more money than to cover just the costs of copying.

     In any case noone may charge more than Fred Fish claims
     for one of his "Library Disks"!