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%% Famous Amiga Uses                                  by  David Tiberio  %%
%%                              %%

List of Famous Amiga Uses compiled by David Tiberio.
Compilation Copyright 1994 Area52. All Rights Reserved.
Originally published in the Amiga Online Reference Manual.

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Aladdin, animated feature.
  Flying carpet modeled/story boarded using Imagine 3D.

Canon Inkjet print advertisements, showing Amiga 1200.

Carel Struycklen, actor.
  "Lurch Addams", actor in the movie Addams Family (real name unknown).
  Mr. Homn, Star Trek: The Next Generation.

"The Chart Show", Pop Music program, ITV, England.
  Displays menus and icons with information on music videos

Diet Shasta TV ad featuring dancing soda cans.

Double Dare, Nickelodean, Amiga 500 given as prize.

Eclectic Cable-Access arts TV program in NYC.
  Amiga generated artwork displays.

Gail Thackeray, head of Arizona Organized Crime and Racketeering Unit.
  When asked, "What kind do you *wish* you had?"
  She replied, "An Amiga 2000 with an IBM card and Mac emulation! The most
  common hacker machines are Amigas and Commodores."
  If she had the Amiga, she enthuses, she could run a whole galaxy of 
  seized computer-evidence disks on one convenient multifunctional 

Happy Rhodes, musician.

Investigator Science and Technology Centre, Adelaide, Australia.
  Commodore sponsored informational terminals.

Jerry Pournelle, columnist for BYTE Magazine, Amiga owner.

Melbourne University, Australia.

Mike Jittlov of "Wizard of Speed and Time".

Oingo Boingo, music group, "BOI-NGO" album.

Oswego High School TV Communications Department.
  2 A3000 for video rendering and character generation.
  3 camera controlled systems for teleprompters.

Peekskill NY, Eat a Bug coin op, "Live!"

Perth Customs, Australia.

Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, Australia.
  Informational kiosks.

RMIT University, Australia.
  A3000 used for graphics and design.

Solid Gold FM Stereo, South Africa, 8/18/93, 
  one of the first private radio stations
  A3000 played jingles and stings, AmigaVision for screen layout.

Star Trek: The Next Generation, the Final Episode.
  USS Pasteure, Crusher's ship of the future, generated by Lightwave 3D.

Swinburne University, Australia.

TeleView Home Banking System, developed by VanCity, BCTel, 
  and Taurus Ventures.
  VanCity Savings Credit Union, Vancouver British Columbia.
  CD32 used with GUI, custom modem, wireless remote, or CD32 controller.
  Financial transactions, bill payment, fund transfers, statements, 
  balances, (up to the minute), interest, investment rate queries.
  Proprietary HKLib and MediaLib software libraries.

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, music video using the Juggler demo.

"The Tonight Show with Jay Leno", NBC talk show.
  Video Toaster Operator listed in credits.

University of Massachusetts, Lowell, Massachusetts.
  Amiga programming lab, 68000 assembly classes.

Virtuality 1000, CS CyberSpace, SD SitDown.
  Dactyl Nightmare, Legend Quest, VTOL, Hero Quest coin ops.
  TI34020 graphics processor in modified A3000's.

Western Illinois University, Illinois.
  2 Video Toasters in broadcast department.
  Amiga used for weather news.
  Satilite education network has 6 Amigas for animations.
  A4000 Info Channel used on movie channel w/radio station.

Woolworths Headquarters, South Australia.

"ZapMag", television program, Louise Smit Productions.
  "Say" program and narrator.device used to host show. Scala controlled.

   "Viper", television series.

   "Star Trek: Voyager", television series.

   Gorbachev was once asked if he was interested in getting a personal 
    computer, and replied that the Amiga looked nice.

   Robert Plant, Led Zeppelin.

   Michael Winslow (Police Academy movies)

   Frank Zappa, musician (deceased).

   Editor of Time Magazine

   Listerine ads with the bottle swinging through a jungle.

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