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%% compt.sys.amiga                                    by  Jason Compton  %%
%% Tired of all this waiting around...    %%

Aaargh.  There's nothing worse than waiting.  It's bad when you wait for
something good, it's bad when you wait for something bad.  It's even
worse when you're not sure whether what you're waiting for will be good
or bad.  That's just terrible.

But that's the point we're at.  The people who know aren't talking, the
people who don't know keep asking the same questions and formulating
rumors which only confuse matters.  Worse yet, we don't even know if what
the people know is even anything significant!

This Commodore business is driving me nuts.

I wondered, not too long ago, what it would take to convince non-Amiga
developers to join the fray, either for the first time or after they'd
abandoned it earlier.  Now I'm wondering what it will take to convince
CURRENT Amiga developers to stick with the game to see what the next
round will be like.

Unfortunately, I haven't the faintest idea.  Huge projects are still
undertaken by Amiga developers, and there are still small ones as well,
but there's just not much of anything to talk about right now.  Talk
comes and goes, but nothing is resolved.

No news from Duncan Fraser.  I'm still waiting for him to call me with
information, when/if he gets any.

And that's about all there is to do...wait.

                               - - - - - - - - -

I got a new job recently.  Starting soon, I'll be reviewing games for
the US print magazine Amiga Game Zone.

Oh, sure, this isn't the first time a writer in Amiga Report has appeared
in another magazine (Douglas Nakikihara's articles show up all over the
place, and we reprint his from another magazine to begin with.)  Still,
it's a first for me, anyway.  As I find myself doing all too often,
I'm waiting for a package from the editor so I can get started...

[Ed: *grin*]

I do an inordinate amount of sitting around waiting for things to arrive
so I can do something about them.

                               - - - - - - - - - -

A company called CD Solutions has developed a new monitor, compatible with
the Amiga's video demands.  It is a 14 inch monitor, .28 dot pitch, and
maxes out non-interlace at 800x600.  It says it can handle NTSC or PAL
inputs, but the spec sheet does not make it clear if that means composite
or RGB input.

The cost is $550.  This is a bit much: I thought the A1962 monitor was
expensive at $500, but this is taking it beyond the point of 

In my conversation with John Millich, it became clear that he doesn't 
quite grasp what the Amiga community was all about...he seemed to slowly 
realize that we don't all own Toasters.  I'm supposed to get a chance to 
see the monitor for a couple of hours in August.  Maybe I'll be blown 
away.  We'll see.

                               - - - - - - - - - - -

That's it for this week, I have nothing more clever to say.  Hang in
there, at least until we hear something new.