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Date: Fri, 22 Jul 1994 15:19:37 -0600
From: John McCoy <>
Subject:  Amigaman vs. Creative

With all the negative reports coming in about Creative Computers, I 
thought I would write in and share one of the many positive experiences 
I have had with Amigaman.

I called them up and ordered 4 CD32 titles and a replacement Joypad. 
They said it would ship on monday (2nd day Fed Ex). On wednesday my 
order hadn't come, but I thought I would wait another day before I 
called them about it. On thursday it still hadn't come, so I called 
them at the 1-800 #. According to the guy taking orders my order had 
shipped on monday. Thinking my order must have gotten misplaced by 
Fed Ex I asked for the tracking #. He gave me another number to call 
and get that information. When I called the other number for the tracking
number, they found that a mistake had been made and my order didn't ship 
on monday. The lady said sorry and promised me that they would ship it out 
that day with next day delivery at no extra charge. That alone was good 
enough for me, but much to my surprize when I got the package on friday 
(the next day) they had also included a Fresh Fish Gold CD for free. It's
companies like this that make Mail Ordering a pleasure. If your upset 
with Creative may I suggest going with Amigaman!