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Problems with Commodore's Creditors
Amiga Report 27 Jul 94

The liquidators appointed by the Bahaman courts have received four
proposals to buy Commodore. Those being Amstrad, Samsung, Philips, and
Commodore UK.

But problems exist. The lawyers for Commodore's principal creditors 
(those being Prudential Insurance Company of America, Anchor National Life 
Insurance Company, and Daewoo Telecom and Daewoo Corporation) would like 
to have the bankruptcy proceedings moved or at least have parallel 
proceedings opened in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in New York.

The main creditors want this for two reasons. One under Bahaman law,
creditors have an advisory role, while in the U.S., the creditors would
have more say over the disposition of assets. Two Bahaman law only permits
liquidators to go back three months before bankruptcy to judge and
possible reverse management actions involving assets, while American law
permits the liquidators to go back a year. The creditors have questions
regarding the actions of Commodore, especially the actions of Mehdi Ali.

The Bahaman court has rejected motions from the creditors to move the
proceedings to New York. So the creditors are asking the U.S. Bankruptcy
courts to seize jurisdiction or open parallel proceedings.

Another part of the tangled web seems to be with some of the prospective
buyers. They are concerned about the amount of debt owed by Commodore,
which is approximately $145 million.


NewTek and Prime Image Enter Worldwide Markets
Topeka, Ks., February 18, 1994 - NewTek, the company which launched the 
desktop video industy with the introduction of the Video Toaster, and 
Prime Image, a leader in transcoding time base correctors, synchronizers,
standards converters and still video stores, have announced an agreement
that will let the Video Toaster bridge worldwide video standards.
The agreement brings together the Video Toaster with Prime Image's 
Passport 4000 device that offers a digital video signal handling 
capabilities such as conversion to international video standards including
PAL, SECAM, PAL-M PAL-N AND NTSC 4.43.  The Passport 4000 also offers time
base correction/synchronization.
"NewTek has built a billion dollar industry on the strength of Video 
Toaster technology," said Bill Hendershot, founder and president of Prime
Image, Inc. "Prime Image's customers around the world have let us know 
there's tremendous pent-up demand for the Video Toaster in diverse video 
format applications.  given this demand and given the standards conversion 
technology Prime Image has pioneered, it's a natural fit for Prime Image 
and NewTek to work together."
"I was very impressed how well the the Passport 4000 immediately 
complements the Video Toaster," said Tim Jension, founder, owner and 
president of NewTek.  "The Video Toaster equipped with the Passport 4000 
is going to bring desktop television production to vast new markets."
The Passport 4000 converts from one standard to another with a new "pass 
through" interpolation technique that does not degrade the signal.  The 
Passport 4000 also offers time base correction/synchronization, digital 
effects, and adds AT bus expansion slots for the Amiga 4000. The time base 
corrector/synchronzier can transcode composite or Y/C out and features an 
ultra-stable freeze frame/field. 
NewTek + Prime Image = Emmy2
Hendershot invented digital time-based correction 20 years ago.   Prime 
Image has built on this core technology and expanded its application 
throughout the video industry.  Jenison invented the Video Toaster and 
introduced it in 1990 and it quickly became the standard for inexpensive,
broadcast quality television production.  The engineering Commmittee of 
the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences have awarded the Emmy for 
Technical Achievement to both NewTek and Prime Image.
The products are currently shipping.  NewTek (booth #11050) and Prime
Image (booth #17184) will be demonstrating the products at the National 
Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas, March 21-24.

Contact: 	Jud Alford
		NewTek, Inc.
		(913) 228-8000
		Bobbie Hendershot
		Prime Image
		(408) 867-6519


NewTek, Inc. announces ScreamerNet
Las Vegas, March 20, 1994 - NewTek, Inc., the company that brought 
professional video and animation production to the masses with the Video 
Toaster introduces ScreamerNet for LightWave 3D users.

ScreamerNet is the evolution of the Screamer rendering hardware 
announced last August.  "As we pursued development of the Screamer 
hardware it became evident that high speed processors were quickly 
becoming commodity items."  said NewTek President Tim Jenison.  "Rather
than NewTek trying to keep up with the hardware wars we decided to release 
software that will allow LightWave users to select the rendering machine 
of their choice."

ScreamerNet is a rendering software package that allows LightWave 3D users 
to take advantage of the rendering power offered by workstations from a 
variety of vendors. The software is Windows NT compatible and will support 
hardware that utilizes Intel, MIPS and DEC Alpha processor chips. 
ScreamerNet's suggested retail price is $1995 and will support up to eight 

"LightWave 3D has become the animation package of choice for most of the 
cutting edge action shows in Hollywood," stated Jenison. "Television 
programs such as seaQuest DSV, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Babylon 5 
and RoboCop are using the Video Toaster and LightWave 3D to push the 
envelope of visual effects. With the introduction of ScreamerNet they 
will have access to the rendering power they need to completely redefine 
the standards for effects in television and film production."

"As the makers of revolutionary products like Video Toaster and the new 
Video Toaster Flyer,  NewTek means high technology at an unbelievably low 
price point," said NewTek's Marketing Director Donetta Colboch. "While 
ScreamerNet represents a dramatic breakthrough in 3D rendering 
price/performance, it's designed and priced for the professional 
animation facility."

NewTek will be showcasing the ScreamerNet software at the National 
Association of Broadcasters Convention, March 21-24 in Booth #11050.

Contact: 	Jud Alford
		NewTek, Inc.
		(913) 228-8000


NewTek stuns NAB with the introduction of 
the Video Toaster Flyer tapeless editing system
Las Vegas, March 20, 1994 - NewTek, Inc., the pioneers of the desktop 
video industry, announce the Video Toaster Flyer, the first D2 quality 
tapeless editing system.  With the Flyer priced at $3995, NewTek once 
again shatters the price/performance standards for broadcast quality 
video production just as they did with the release of the Video Toaster
in 1990. 

"When we originally conceived the idea for the Video Toaster it was to 
provide all the tools necessary to create broadcast quality television 
at a price almost anyone could afford." said Tim Jenison, NewTek 
President. "With the introduction of the Video Toaster Flyer we have made
the tools even more accessible, reducing the cost of production by an 
order of magnitude." 

The Video Toaster Flyer is the result of more than seven years of intense 
research and development.  The Video Toaster Flyer offers D2 quality video 
and CD quality audio editing in a tapeless, non-linear environment.  The 
Video Toaster Flyer tapeless editor allows the user to dial in the video 
quality, up to lossless D2 quality.  All video data is stored on computer 
hard drives that allow the user to access particular segments 
instantaneously without having to shuttle from one point to another as in
traditional tape editing. The system employs an easy to use, drag and drop
storyboard interface.

The breakthrough technology in the Video Toaster Flyer is NewTek's 
revolutionary new VTASC compression algorithm.  VTASC sets a new 
standard for hard disk based video compression by combining D2, broadcast 
quality video with unprecedented compression ratios.  NewTek is currently 
in discussions with a number of vendors looking to license VTASC and 
Video Toaster Flyer technology.

The Video Toaster Flyer continues NewTek's tradition of providing easy to 
use, broadcast quality video production tools, at unbelievably low prices.
The complete Video Toaster Flyer system provides the ability to 
incorporate all of the tools from the Video Toaster; digital video 
effects, paint graphics, titles and animations directly into productions 
edited from one simple interface. For Toaster LightWave 3D users, the 
tapeless editor will allow the blending of moving video easily and 
seamlessly into animated video productions.

NewTek will be demonstrating the Video Toaster Flyer at the National 
Association of Broadcasters Convention, March 21-24 in Booth #11050.

Contact: 	Jud Alford
		NewTek, Inc.
		(913) 228-8000


Video Toaster Developers' Conference
Las Vegas, March 20, 1994 P NewTek Inc., developers of the Video Toaster 
and the new Video Toaster Flyer, today announced plans for a national 
Video Toaster Developers' Conference. The Conference will be held in Los 
Angeles this fall as part of Avid Publications' Video Toaster Expo. Avid 
Publications is the publisher of Video Toaster User magazine.

RItUs the right time for a developers' conference.S according to NewTek 
President Tim Jenison.  RWith the upcoming release of our D2 quality non-
linear editor, the Video Toaster Flyer, the Toaster really becomes a 
complete video production studio that fits on a desktop.  We see great 
opportunities for third-party development of additional tools for the 
system.  Professional producers can expect to have the FlyerUs lossless D2
quality output working in conjunction with the edit controllers, decks, 
and effects devices they already use." 

The conference is an important milestone for the Toaster, said Jim Plant, 
President of Avid Publications. An entire industry has exploded around 
the Toaster since its release three years ago, and with new products like 
the Video Toaster Flyer, the growth in this market will accelerate even 
faster than analysts have predicted. 
For futher information contact NewTek, Inc. (800) 847-6111 or Avid 
Publications (408) 774-6777.


AugmenTek announces MultiVol Mirror v1.0
MultiVol(TM) Mirror makes a copy of or "mirrors" a file to one or more
volumes as the file is being written the master volume. Any "file"
that can be opened for writing can be mirrored, including the
console/shell (input is also mirrored). Normally, you would map one
master volume (e.g., a disk) to one mirror volume (or directory on the
same volume).  The full path to a real file is constructed on the
mirrored volume(s), as well as file comments and protection.

All you need to do is set up the mapping of master volume to mirror
volume -- you can use MVM's drag and drop graphical user interface to
do this -- and use MVM: before the name of the file to mirror (or in a
file requester).  It's that easy.

Using MultiVol Mirror (MVM), you can:

* partially recover from accidentally overwriting a file (getting back
  an earlier version)

* completely recover from deleting a master file and disk failures, to
  the extent MVM was used

* automatically backup any file every time the file is written

* transparently record shell or console input and output

* safely use RAM as a fast disk

  With RAM specified as the master volume and your hard drive or
  diskette as the mirrored volume, you can edit a file in RAM,
  benefitting from fast loads of the file.  When you save it, it is
  placed both in RAM and on the hard drive/diskette automatically.

* view the contents of any file as it is being written

* map more than one master volume to more than one mirror volume

* AmigaDOS/Kickstart(TM) 2.04 or higher needed

MultiVol Mirror 1.0 and online hypertext documentation: $45.
 INTRODUCTORY OFFER (until Nov. 1, 1994): $30.

All prices are in U.S. currency.

Shipping/handling is $3.00 in the U.S., $5.00 elsewhere. WA state
residents add 8.2% sales tax.  Terms are checks or money orders drawn
on a U.S. bank and made out to AugmenTek. Sorry, no credit cards.

3606 S. 180th St. C-22
SeaTac, WA 98188-4339
Contact: Stephen Rondeau
Phone: 206-246-6077


     This is a commercial product, and is not re-distributable.


     MultiVol is a trademark of AugmenTek.